Tuesday, September 1, 2015

08/22/15 - 08/29/15

Action Agenda - In a State of Emergency [OTMN066]
A gabberiotous breakcornado pulverizing all in its path.
action agenda "in a state of emergency"

 COOH - Rust
 Sentient technoids rush through a maze of machinery in pursuit of human targets.
cooh "rust"

Døt - Smiley [SPG REC #018]
Rave based mutations ranging from worked up ruffsteppers to sea salted feel-good jams.
døt "smiley"

Mitoma - Formless:EP [S27-145]
The exploration of a subaqueous alien industrial zone.
mitoma "formless:ep"

 Shlump - Alien Shit [STRTEP039]
Laser laden psychedelic street bass bubbling with heavy holographic hype.
shlump "alien shit"

Sufyvn - M E R O E [HRS041]
Hearty organic beats decorated with colorful cosmic melodies.
sufyvn "m e r o e" 

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