Monday, September 21, 2015

09/12/15 - 09/19/15 [way too much to write about]

Finding this much bloggable music this week reminded me of why i stopped the writing thing and moved on to simply linking in the first place, it was the amount of time not being spent on other projects (like making mixes with all this fucking music im always finding fr fux sake!).

Anyway, back to the basic post format.

Paradise Rhythm double feature:

MalLabel Music triple feature:

Monday, September 14, 2015

09/05/15 - 09/12/15 [this one release scared all the others away]

VA - Chthonic
Voracious bass invocations emerge from a roiling mire of darkness and distortion.
va "chthonic"

Although a few of my favorite labels released material this week, only Wonk#ay Records really came through with this solid mini-compilation featuring some of their heaviest hitters and promising newcomers.

Monday, September 7, 2015

08/29/15 - 09/05/15

Automatics - Distant EP [YARN016]
Ominous entities wander the corridors of an abandoned space station.

B.Visible - (Re)Order
A playfully exotic blend of upbeat styles both sunlit and stardusted.

 IIII/IIII - Explorer [Kreislauf 158]
Night drive through a softly glowing neon metropolis.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

08/22/15 - 08/29/15

Action Agenda - In a State of Emergency [OTMN066]
A gabberiotous breakcornado pulverizing all in its path.
action agenda "in a state of emergency"

 COOH - Rust
 Sentient technoids rush through a maze of machinery in pursuit of human targets.
cooh "rust"

Døt - Smiley [SPG REC #018]
Rave based mutations ranging from worked up ruffsteppers to sea salted feel-good jams.
døt "smiley"

Mitoma - Formless:EP [S27-145]
The exploration of a subaqueous alien industrial zone.
mitoma "formless:ep"

 Shlump - Alien Shit [STRTEP039]
Laser laden psychedelic street bass bubbling with heavy holographic hype.
shlump "alien shit"

Sufyvn - M E R O E [HRS041]
Hearty organic beats decorated with colorful cosmic melodies.
sufyvn "m e r o e"