Tuesday, August 25, 2015

08/15/15 - 08/22/15

And The End Of Everything - 237 EP [NSMBLNET004]
A subtly cinematic narrative told by offshoots of 2step, triphop and IDM.
and the end of everything "237 ep"

G Jones - That Odd EP In The Pit Of My Hard Drive
Pixelated thugs ridin' through the club in tanks with wide-open gullwing doors.
g jones "that odd ep in the pit of my hard drive"

  Heavenchord - In Chain Reaction [CTR063]
Atmospheric dubtech for both spaced-out relaxation sessions and deep sea dance parties.
heavenchord "in chain reaction"

Xenofish & Mellow Sonic - Coreshaper
High energy propulsion systems designed for travel across expansive psyberscapes.
xenofish & mellow sonic "coreshaper"

VA - Volume Sacré
Exciting new discoveries within the field of futurhythmic tropicology.
va "volume sacré"

Sunday, August 16, 2015

08/08/15 - 08/15/15 [another one-release week]

Eyes Behind The Veil - EverythingIsChemical Virtual 7" No. 107
Oneiric aetherealism blanketed in waves of soft psychedelia.

(Of course a new release from the EverythingIsChemical virtual 7" series was the one thing i found this week worth putting into my music collection and blogging about.)

Monday, August 10, 2015

08/01/15 - 08/08/15 [return of the reviews]

Angel-Ho - Ascension EP
Glitched mechanoids battle ancient earth spirits in the ruins of a shrapnel-ridden club.

 Eyes Behind the Veil - Besides [WLD 004]
Clouds of soothing luminance to guide your inward gazing.

VA - LowRise Sounds Vol.2
Bass heavy creations for feet working and street lurking.
va "lowrise sounds vol.2"

Sunday, August 2, 2015

07/25/15 - 08/01/15 [one album + write-up]

Since there was just one release that grabbed my attention this week (past TWO weeks actually), i'm going to do a little write-up for it. (i havent done this in about a year, but im sure i can still sell you all on this one with whatever it is i do with words about things).

So basically this album is:

Heat induced hallucinations of apparitional strippers with blunt smoke halos grinding slow on flickering neon poles in a dreamlike tropical haze.

sound like yr kinda thing? of course it does.
is this post the the rebirth of mini-reviews on this site? sure why not.