Monday, February 9, 2015

Guest mix for the Encanti Show on Bassport.FM

Its about fucking time i recorded a (somewhat random yet decent enough) mix and sent it to someone for their show. Thanks to my across-the-sea homie Encanti for hosting it. Anyway, here's the mix link as well as the fully linked tracklist (most of which is free, of course):

Illumes "Defragmentation" from Deepest Horns
Moonbase Commander "Ekisaitobaiku (Subp Yao Remix)" from Ekisaitobaiku
Sauce "Cheapskate (Lawn Chocolate Remix)" from Cheapskate
Chowkee "Rolling" from Broken Toyz Story Vol.1
Pluto Dash "When Minds Collide" from Music = Art
Lil Bad Swagga "Mansion" from Mansion
Friendships feat. 2fuddha "Murk" from I'm an impressionist, you're dumb
Deca Mono "Collapse" from Octagon Mirrors
Color Plus "Ashore" from Cerulean Dream
Averos "Soun (Naono's 'Abandoned' Mix)" from Theme Two
DFRNT "Remember When" from High Friends In Places
MHV "Vapor (Mekha's Redub feat. MC Mega Zimze)" from Vapor Remixes
Taneli "Statis" from Positivity EP
Caidance "Extractions" from 710 Records Compilation Vol. 1
Vebak "Anendak" from Ground Says Hello
みみみ "きつねのめかけ" from みんなのうたりん