Sunday, August 17, 2014

08/09/14 - 08/16/14 [a rare one-release post]

Out of about thirty releases i checked this week, ONE album rose high above all the "meh"s, "been done better"s and "just not feeling it"s. On this occasion i've decided to break my writing silence and let you know why this one's good.

yeongrak's "d'chrone" (from the recently sprouted Hope Sick Cola label) is a strange, playful and experimental take on modern bass and internet vibes that keeps you interested track after track with a well-balanced blend of distortion crunched candybounce, vaporeal cloudjuke, dragged'n'dropped cybersedation and postfuture bootywork.

Well there you have it, first descriptive post in a year or so. Will it be back to the regularly scheduled silent posting next week? Yeah probably.

Seeya next week with more music d00dz.