Friday, August 30, 2013

08/17/13 - 08/24/13

CVLT45 - єxιмιæ [ЯΛRΞ ППUƉΞS 001]
File under: drugged'n'dragged / witchwork / zombooty

Cybertone - Interstellar Foreplay [BC22]
A chillout room for braindancers and acid eaters.

G Jones - Eyes
Get the rain gear, you're about to be splashed by some heavy drops.

Lake Kawaguchi - North Inhumation
Ghostly organic beats thumping and shuffling through thickets of gloom.

 ULTRA ウルトラ - R E S O R T 21 [F500-31]
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ultra ウルトラ "r e s o r t 21"

VA - echogarden Compilation Volume 1 [eg.comp.1]
Naturhythmic dubforms with hints of deep minimal house and relaxing ambience.
va "echogarden compilation volume 1"

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