Monday, August 19, 2013

08/10/13 - 08/17/13

Andrea Porcu - We Will Live Again [.ROHS!02RAW:NET]
Moonlit dubtech rituals conjuring a primal energy.

DIY▲PYЯΛMID - ℘ ◌ ṧ⊥➸℘♄ø⊥☮﹩ℌø℘ [AR065]
Anomalistic vaporizations from within a screensaver's dream.

FilosofischeStilte - Home Grown [STRTEP022]
Whether blazing up, getting low, or a little bit of both; this one's got all your basses covered.

Marc Pastco - 12AX7 [inoQuo 066]
Spacey minimal rhythms treading deep into dark mechanoid territory.

Ohm Meta - Nego [xpl016]
Beats both smooth and broken stroll through futuristic environs filled with oddity and wonder.
ohm meta "nego"

A conglomeration of weighty narcoticism, boisterous thuggery and inventive experimentation.
va "suicide pact : seven"

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