Friday, August 9, 2013

07/27/13 - 08/03/13

adamned.age - Transit Berlin [phoke93]
A convergence of IDM's sci-fi soul, the airy biorhythms of dub and glistening folktronic dreams.
adamned.age "transit berlin"

NN* - A Heart Is A Forest [BC21]
Spectral acid bubbles and fuzz-coated drums playfully bouncing hand-in-hand.
nn* "a heart is a forest"

Ohmniscience - Brainwaves [kahvi#335]
A vast cosmic landscape alive with the movement of mysterious beings and machines.
ohmniscience "brainwaves"

similarobjects - Acquainted with the Light : Excursions through the World Within
Lush downtempo beats melt into soft synthetic melodies, creating a vibrant ethereality.
similarobjects "acquainted with the light : excursions through the world within"

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