Saturday, July 20, 2013

07/06/13 - 07/13/13

canooooopy - 蛙のための多形力学 [polymorphism vs valleystayers] [PMLP026]
Off-kilter headnoddery boasting a uniquely clunky playfulness.
canooooopy "蛙のための多形力学 [polymorphism vs valleystayers]"

Den5hion - Un EP Irrelevante [LOW005]
 Weighty rhythms thump, step and shuffle within a gloom clouded futurescape.
den5hion "un ep irrelevante"

Kris Keyser - Kris Keyser [8BP130]
Console crunched kicks and chords for creature killing and castle conquering.
kris keyser "kris keyser" (@ 8bitpeoples)
kris keyser "kris keyser" (@ kris keyser)

Les Halles - Home Away From Home [CR-12]
Floating through memories of frosty mornings and sunny afternoons, guided by a subtle hiss.
les halles "home away from home"

Margaret Antwood - Energy Plaza [CBR028]
Neon beads of tropical sea vapor splashing on candy painted hovercraft trunk subs.
margaret antwood "energy plaza"

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