Friday, July 5, 2013

06/22/13 - 06/29/13

Earthquake Island - The case of Galastrophy [FY!023]
Dream baked beats wade in magical mellodies and magnetic memories.
earthquake island "the case of galastrophy"

Fernando Carvalho - Painting [ST02]
Radiant droneforms evolve from fragile echoes deep within crystalline caverns.
fernando carvalho "painting"

Moa Pillar - Hunting
A futuristic frenzy of indigenously influenced body bouncement.
moa pillar "hunting"

Nomok - Blind Kick EP
Chilluminated funk for your soular system.
nomok "blind kick ep"

Seafood - Strawberries [SVNTNEP006]
Spaced-out synthethical bassex in slippery pixels.
seafood "strawberries"

This Program is Brought to You, Bye. - 物産と観光展 [CHILO-007]
Discarded karaoke and motivational VCDs glimmering in the hazy moonlight.
this program is brought to you, bye "物産と観光展"

VEINS - Tulip Obversion / Modus Operandi
From introspective session in a smoky lounge to strange ritual in a dark machine room.
veins "tulip obversion / modus operandi"

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