Monday, July 29, 2013

07/20/13 - 07/27/13

Atomic Reactor - Beyond Far Remixes [GR036]
Psychedelically stretched fantasy funk rumbling with cyberoptic bassquakes.
atomic reactor "beyond far remixes"

Kid Smpl - Armour EP [HH010]
Slowed'n'glowed idyllicore for blanketed buddy-cuddling in starlit fields.
kid smpl "armour ep"

Optical Frameworks - Little Piece of Perseverance [CTR040]
The cold dawn of a world just woken warmed by gently pulsing dubwaves.
optical frameworks "little piece of perseverance"

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Monday, July 22, 2013

07/13/13 - 07/20/13

Dwardo - Planet Surface [red dye d°9]
Microbiological dubtech experiments geared towards intergalactic communication.

Heblank 1411 - Beheaded [IMSL13]
Haunted houses slowly submerged in murk upon encroaching shadows' steps.

Ruff Draft - Theories of Translation EP
Prismelodic rays from cosmic crafts beaming down on bass anchored beats.

VA - Iugeri Sonus III [ACREFREE3]
A trip through the insect-ridden, grit covered underbelly of electronica's rougher neighboorhoods.
va "iugeri sonus iii"

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

07/06/13 - 07/13/13

canooooopy - 蛙のための多形力学 [polymorphism vs valleystayers] [PMLP026]
Off-kilter headnoddery boasting a uniquely clunky playfulness.
canooooopy "蛙のための多形力学 [polymorphism vs valleystayers]"

Den5hion - Un EP Irrelevante [LOW005]
 Weighty rhythms thump, step and shuffle within a gloom clouded futurescape.
den5hion "un ep irrelevante"

Kris Keyser - Kris Keyser [8BP130]
Console crunched kicks and chords for creature killing and castle conquering.
kris keyser "kris keyser" (@ 8bitpeoples)
kris keyser "kris keyser" (@ kris keyser)

Les Halles - Home Away From Home [CR-12]
Floating through memories of frosty mornings and sunny afternoons, guided by a subtle hiss.
les halles "home away from home"

Margaret Antwood - Energy Plaza [CBR028]
Neon beads of tropical sea vapor splashing on candy painted hovercraft trunk subs.
margaret antwood "energy plaza"

Sunday, July 7, 2013

06/29/13 - 07/06/13

Placeholder - Under EP [HH009]
Sweetly swaying sounds for somnambulistic shufflers.

Suede Merit - Wired Wood [TFL DL016]
Alien funk band crash lands on earth, builds instruments from ship parts and starts jamming hard.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

06/22/13 - 06/29/13

Earthquake Island - The case of Galastrophy [FY!023]
Dream baked beats wade in magical mellodies and magnetic memories.
earthquake island "the case of galastrophy"

Fernando Carvalho - Painting [ST02]
Radiant droneforms evolve from fragile echoes deep within crystalline caverns.
fernando carvalho "painting"

Moa Pillar - Hunting
A futuristic frenzy of indigenously influenced body bouncement.
moa pillar "hunting"

Nomok - Blind Kick EP
Chilluminated funk for your soular system.
nomok "blind kick ep"

Seafood - Strawberries [SVNTNEP006]
Spaced-out synthethical bassex in slippery pixels.
seafood "strawberries"

This Program is Brought to You, Bye. - 物産と観光展 [CHILO-007]
Discarded karaoke and motivational VCDs glimmering in the hazy moonlight.
this program is brought to you, bye "物産と観光展"

VEINS - Tulip Obversion / Modus Operandi
From introspective session in a smoky lounge to strange ritual in a dark machine room.
veins "tulip obversion / modus operandi"

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