Thursday, June 20, 2013

06/08/13 - 06/15/13

Isolate & Spigl - Mode EP [CICUTA020]
Technautical vessels drawn towards dark depths by a rushing undertow.
isolate & spigl "mode ep"

 JONGPADAWAN & I Kicked A Cloud Once - Dualism EP
Colorful beats bloom among forestal pixelations lit by a synth-fried sky.
jongpadawan & i kicked a cloud once "dualism ep"

Kaw - Multibands (Make Her Dance)
Some of that drink-spilling, shirt-helicoptering, freak-unleashing bass.
kaw "multibands (make her dance)"

Northcape - Exploration and Ascent Remixed [SSS052]
Melodically illuminated downtempo dreamscapes.
northcape "exploration and ascent remixed"

A heavily tranquilized stroll through an early 90's electronics superstore. "audio_ts"

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