Saturday, April 27, 2013

04/13/13 - 04/20/13

Elektrabel - Turing Test [CICUTA018]
Panic-laden rhythms chasing you through city ruins.
elektrabel "turing test"

Gloom - Subliminal Fortress [BB24]
Mellorganic grooves soaked in soular rays.
gloom "subliminal fortress"

Illocanblo - Lightframe Loretta [S27-115]
 A lesson in aquaticosmikinetics.
illocanblo "lightframe loretta"

Patrick Zigon - Hobson's Choice EP [BIOS_006]
Bouncefully upbeat and funky while remaining stylish and demure.
patrick zigon "hobson's choice ep"

VA - Continuum Hypothesis [CF503]
File under: [drill/drum]'n'bass / brain[dance/damage] / (ac[ID)M]
va "continuum hypothesis"

VA - VA-WR037 [WR037]
An essential collection of sounds for the hazy-headed.
va "va-wr037"

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Selections from the Broken Bubble label:

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