Monday, April 15, 2013

04/06/13 - 04/13/13

chambry - broken.field
A bountiful bowl of beat buds blazing.
chambry "broken.field"

HyperJuice - Lil' Sabacan EP [udon-012]
Time-tested ravebreaks with a side of trapical jukestyle.
hyperjuice "lil' sabacan ep"

Lord RAJA - Rubies EP [GI-178]
Urbanatural oneiromanticism.
lord raja "rubies ep"

Marie Dior - Antitheist
The coalescence of light and dark forces causing a gothicosmic industrial reaction.
marie dior "antitheist"

Monade - Own Your Ghost [xpl014]
Jagged chunks of shapeshifting architecture aglow with multiple moons' reflections.
monade "own your ghost"

Mr. Vampire & His Magic Sound On Fire - Buried Alive [PMLP022]
Just gonna leave this here... [trips over pile of IDM and skweee upon exiting]
mr. vampire & his magic sound on fire "buried alive"

Stroon - Krakow [EXTB045]
Futurebass showing both its sexy and sinister sides.
stroon "krakow"

Xilinox - Capture Memories EP [AE063]
Hypnotechnical entities bubbling up from abyssal trenches.
xilinox "capture memories ep"

Zack Christ - Iced Out [ENIG024]
Glitched'n'pitched hypedelica.
zack christ "iced out"

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