Wednesday, April 10, 2013

03/30/13 - 04/06/13

Defective Units - Sequences [brq 090]
A timelessly designed house built on a deep foundation, alight with acidubbed decor.

Disasteradio - Electric Blanket
CONGRADULATION! You have conquer of games universe! Enter you initial _ _ _.

Erissoma - No Return, No Hope [SC-DA008]
A wash of sullen drones encroaches upon slowly fading memories.

Nebulo - Redkosh [P36-073/¥811]
Morphing from aqueous ambientech into crunchy industrialectro, never losing its luminescence.

Paperworks - Terror.exe [PMLP021]
An IDMenagerie of glitch-cut grooves, sci-fi synthespheres and brain-changing beats.
paperworks "terror.exe"

USK - Chopper / Jungle Juice [udon-011]
Base bombing bit bounce ballistics.
usk "chopper / jungle juice"

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