Saturday, April 6, 2013

03/23/13 - 03/30/13

Bija - Arboreal EP [PLSTUK007]
Flourishing biomes spring into existence with each futurebound step.
bija "arboreal ep"

Muzak bumping in an SUV on a slow ride through the uncanny valley.
contact lens "free throw banquet"

Devecly Bitte - Purple Line [SP15]
Emberous dub particles crackle and pulse, afloat above a warming fire.
devecly bitte "purple line"

Sea-splashed werkouts for reanimated ravers.
gold "zer0"

Luqman - Synthesizer Colossus
Funkosmic bliphop emitting a colorful assortment of skweeks and bleeps.
luqman "synthesizer colossus"

Ndru - Knospensprung [BC15]
Immersive minimal grooves with a heady shuffle.
ndru "knospensprung"

Nobi_4 - ◬ EP [STYLSS012]
Smiles and waves from the next level at all the other bass music trying to keep up.
nobi_4 "◬ ep"

Psychic LCD - Nexxware [F500-8]
Meditational visions of surfing holographic vapor trails into the new age.
psychic lcd "nexxware"

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