Monday, April 29, 2013

04/20/13 - 04/27/13

Andrea Porcu - Textures Ø #1 [.ROHS!01RAW:NET]
A membranous network of narcotic chords and deep minimal pulses.
andrea porcu "textures Ø #1"

Sundrugs - Hidden Scenes [BLWBCK034]
Solace in darkness' embrace.
sundrugs "hidden scenes"

VA - Σclipse [PMC117]
Vibrant bursts of creativity pushing beats and bass further into the future.
va "Σclipse"

Saturday, April 27, 2013

04/13/13 - 04/20/13

Elektrabel - Turing Test [CICUTA018]
Panic-laden rhythms chasing you through city ruins.
elektrabel "turing test"

Gloom - Subliminal Fortress [BB24]
Mellorganic grooves soaked in soular rays.
gloom "subliminal fortress"

Illocanblo - Lightframe Loretta [S27-115]
 A lesson in aquaticosmikinetics.
illocanblo "lightframe loretta"

Patrick Zigon - Hobson's Choice EP [BIOS_006]
Bouncefully upbeat and funky while remaining stylish and demure.
patrick zigon "hobson's choice ep"

VA - Continuum Hypothesis [CF503]
File under: [drill/drum]'n'bass / brain[dance/damage] / (ac[ID)M]
va "continuum hypothesis"

VA - VA-WR037 [WR037]
An essential collection of sounds for the hazy-headed.
va "va-wr037"

Not new / New to me:

Selections from the Broken Bubble label:

Saturday, April 20, 2013


*cough cough* Is it that time of year again already maaan? Yeah duh! Time once again for another installment in the WhoreChurch audio mixtape series brought to you @ 66.6 mintues on 4/20 by none other than Smoke Meow and $0_$0_gutteR (hey that's me). Weighing in at 140+ tracks, this fuxtapostioned string of odditory jamz is made up of 90something% free music in the styles of breakcore, vaporwave, trap, dancecore, skweee, juke, neurotrance, IDM, dubstep and a bunch of other inbetween genres type of stuff. So spill a little beer on that weed-topped pizza and lets get this shit going!

Oh and heres the tracklist. Happy hunting!

Broken Toy - Bloody Dream [from The Concept Of Damage (To An Object)]
Kangarot - Do's F.E.S. pt.3 (Generation Loss Mix) [from Sounds From A Vessel]
Reizoko Cj - t+ [from B(reakcore)-boys strife]
Thømas White x Vilify - Brigade [from Brigade]
DJ Squelch - Gotta Work It [from Broken Toyz Story Vol.1]
Luqman - Drop a Shit [from Altered Thinking]
5Y5 - Ships to Borhom [from 5Y5]
3:33 - S6 [from The First Thousand Days]
[PHYSICS] - Definitely Leopard [from Identify]
chushi - constitution [from delphi vision]
dj Skull Vomit - Release The Trap (100% TRAP MUZIK) [from Release The Trap (100% TRAP MUZIK)]
Boeboe - Act Stupid [from Act Supid / Drop]
Colossius - ISOL8 [from CAS L.A./ISOL8]
Miii - Folklore of Post-Modern Man [from The Goat God's City Cousins]
canooooopy - 指‖折り‖数え(詠唱編)[from フレイジャーズ・フォリー短篇集]
Diskette Romances - Gin & Tonic [from Diskette Romances]
Casketkrusher - POPIPOVegetable LSDance[from レイヴの力]
Karaoke Tundra - Jak My (Snails Remix) [from Netvor]
Flint Kids - Day Nil [from Day Nil]
f o a m - one 4 cannabis [from f o a m ep]
Chris Moss Acid - KHAT Acid [from Cassette Tape Tracks 2006-2011]
Subp Yao - Smoke The Green [from Bleep Bloop & Subp Yao Split EP]
Atim - Space Warp Tme [from Theories]
FLOTE - Impact [from Search & Destroy Vol. 1 (n/a)]
aaronmaxwell - intro [from dianetics]
Ill Fat Liza - Can Be Cruel Remix [from Pure Silence vs. Cat Vomiting]
Electric Sea Spider - Bathtub Adventure [from Supercash]
DRUG$ - brk. [from scrwdjwk]
DJKurara - Breakcore Dandy [from Bashful Geek Dance Party]
CrackZilla - Broken Nashery [from Cheeseburgers & Cigarettes]
G Jones - Alias (Boeboe Remix) [from Mirage]
9Planets - Im not from Earth [from Im not from Earth]
malewarlock - twinkle [from Love Connection]
Downstate - S I H C [from The Drip Taper EP]
Hazcauch - 3_20_6_2 [from Fitzhugh]
Annoying Ringtone - Pesenka Speedcore [from The 90s Never Died!]
Lemonada - Shits Got Legs [from Kelly Green Vol. 1 (n/a)]
L3ft Luca5 - 6am Party Gabba (Part 1) [from Chat Shit Get Banged]
Reizikini - Christmas Tree [from kyou1110 / Reizikini Split]
KenLo Craqnuques - Pixacao en Cavale [from Tomates]
Lakritze - Zooza Sub [from FCKN BRLN]
Kiev - Heatwavezzz [from Heatwavezzz]
Los Reyes de la Milanga - Mario [from Los Reyes meets 8bit]
Magic Nanna - Molok Shock Grok [from Psychic Highkick]
Duskky - Somatoform [from Wokka Wokka]
Digi G'Alessio - Disco Zambra (Hello My Name Is Ra Remix) + (Bewsenzio Remix) / A Generation's Anthem (Planet Soap Remix) / The Joseph K Nervous System (Railster Remix) [from Disco Zambra Remixes]
Cinder Vomit (ft. Luuli) - Pineal Shmenial [from Black Hole Symphony]
Limited Toss - X-RAVE [from NINJA RAVE]
Luisterwaar - Duckface [from Party Sauce]
Les Neiges Noires De Laponie - Fill-TT2 [from Thunder Ohm]
Hurtdeer - Sadsack [from Ghost Bogun]
Lasership Stereo – Hi-Fi Hi-Jinx [from On Board]
KDG - Beef [from KDG]
Nina Georgieva - Makes Run [from Collision Detect]
Rohstein - 6 i 9 dusz [from Splift]
Meow Meow - Don't Stop [from Kat Luva Luva]
LZRKMMNDR - Changes (I've Been Jukin' Thru) [from JUKEWORX 2.0]
Matheus - Shitwaves [from Work The Math]
MATTRON - Phonelife [from SPILLS]
Oriole - Trippin [from Pļavinieku Laika Mašīna]
NiklāvZ - r0ck the be4t [from Slazds]
Mergel - Delete Live [from Transhuman]
Pizza Circus - Gallant Dick [from Can't Stop Mash-up]
MOTHMAN - Witch Shit [from summoner]
Party Trash - HARD N DA PAINT Remix [from ON MY OWN EP]
Kappah - 7,5 Bit Epopea [from Tribal Dances]
DAIF - Rewardzz [from Later Dood]
Green Nose - Forest [from Hyper Color T-Shirts]
Grass Mirror - Muriel [from Pocatello]
KlitoriX - Mentruation'z Over [from Flore Vaginale]
Kyou1110 - XI LUAUREN [from TRUE-MINUS]
sHimaU - Fujiyama Gangsta Breaks (kyou1110 Remix) [from 総天然色_兎VSSPLIT]
Terugklap - Drusseldamp [from Gister]
NumaChicotsu - Kobe Urban Motherfucker [from MaySyndrome E.P.]
ROZEAUDIO - The Little Star [from MEMOIRES VOL. 1]
Snubluck - Decay [from The Fying Machine]
Junichi Akagawa - Nest [from Nil Bit Berg Horn]
storz - After Burial [from After Burial EP]
Phat Deuce - Bubble Di Sistem [from Bubble Di Sistem]
Odd Nosdam - Bonus A5 [from Your American Bonus]
Outstanding Nerd - Alien Night Out [from Project Zombie]
ROZEAUDIO - Paradigm Shift [from MASTER BOUNCE]
R33SoundMakin' - i♥RNR [from MadMind]
Ralp - Metradata [from 0812]
Rejoicer + DubZ + Luqman - Diced Thin [from Yelloweed]
Reuben G - Speed Boat [from Speed Boat EP]
heRobust - When You Was on Myspace [from Rob & Hood]
DJKurara “Breakcore Dandy” ***oops we fucked up, this track appeared earlier as well***
harvey mayton - pEPper [from riceandslow]
Swarvy - Shadows (Mattron Remix) [from Shadows Remixes]
WATAPACHI - No. 1 (No One) [from No. 1]
UZ - Trap Shit V8 [from Trap Shit 6/9]
Onichomp - 100% Columbian [from TORU DIE!]
New Dreams Ltd. - Forever (introduction, pt. 1) [from Initiation Tape - Part One]
CRACKULA☥ - S.R.E.A.M. [from Split Reality]
Hitori Tori - kanopler [from Leftcoast Hemiplegia]
DJ Boy Drama - Must Luv Guns [from Boy Ruins Lives]
C Mantle - In The Mouth Of The Whale [from In the Mouth of the Sindrome]
Audiosynthes - Question (1.12 AM) [from Afterhours Sessions 09]
LAN ODYSSEY - tornado kick [from LAN ODYSSEY]
Cardio Rhythm - k you [from Ohuennovishlo]
All These Fingers - sssmackersss [from 1969]
Napo - Luv Iz In Your Aiz [from Summelarities]
GOLF SWINGERS - touch you a little [from PALM ICE 2]
Nebula - Anti Life [from Hypernova EP]
Grimblee - Drug Dealers [from Mutilate]
TechDiff - Infinite Corner (Encanti Remix) [from The Black Dog, Released]
SystemCrash - Human Nature [from Contaminated Entities]
Ohmtek - Beat krex [from LV Beats]
Jackmaster YOSHIKI - あかりんにkick it [from わぁいアシッド あかりアシッド大好き]
Nobel - Well Token [from The Sound]
Every - Strictly Off Appeal [from PP\OMO]
Atwell Baker - dream [from de sol EP]
Rap Class - When You're With A Girl [from Greatest Hits]
Moist Ghost - Witch Doctor [from Big Game Hunter]
Zeuge - Have a nice day [from More Deeply]
Mlp - Fuck Me [from Elkollection #1]
Math Rosen - IMMRTL [from Unlog Complex #01]
sOuL_sCientiSt - 444 [from Circuits Imprimés vol. 02]
Obey City - Ronin Strut [from 7 by 7]
Jermski – Busy [from AURAL STIMULI vol. 1]
tavl - Lstn01 [from wait 0]
iserobin - Majidal [from songs 4 the man]
Miami Vice - ibm webexplorer (1994) [from CULTURE ISLAND]
Gromov - King Of The Dancehall [from Gromov vs. Airborne Drumz]
XZICD - Defth (ᐐmyloid remix) [from Denocleosis Reutomaghafth]
¡El Cucuy! - WerkDat [from ¿THA FCK?]
T'chimu - Lo Aum (10.00 PM) [from Afterhours Sessions 06]
Summer Of Haze - Pussy Pussy Money Money Weed Weed Weed Weed [from Gospel]
Planet Soap - My Homies [from My Homies EP]
Roger Species - The Last Of Bridget's Milk [from Never tickle a sleeping strawberry]

Monday, April 15, 2013

04/06/13 - 04/13/13

chambry - broken.field
A bountiful bowl of beat buds blazing.
chambry "broken.field"

HyperJuice - Lil' Sabacan EP [udon-012]
Time-tested ravebreaks with a side of trapical jukestyle.
hyperjuice "lil' sabacan ep"

Lord RAJA - Rubies EP [GI-178]
Urbanatural oneiromanticism.
lord raja "rubies ep"

Marie Dior - Antitheist
The coalescence of light and dark forces causing a gothicosmic industrial reaction.
marie dior "antitheist"

Monade - Own Your Ghost [xpl014]
Jagged chunks of shapeshifting architecture aglow with multiple moons' reflections.
monade "own your ghost"

Mr. Vampire & His Magic Sound On Fire - Buried Alive [PMLP022]
Just gonna leave this here... [trips over pile of IDM and skweee upon exiting]
mr. vampire & his magic sound on fire "buried alive"

Stroon - Krakow [EXTB045]
Futurebass showing both its sexy and sinister sides.
stroon "krakow"

Xilinox - Capture Memories EP [AE063]
Hypnotechnical entities bubbling up from abyssal trenches.
xilinox "capture memories ep"

Zack Christ - Iced Out [ENIG024]
Glitched'n'pitched hypedelica.
zack christ "iced out"

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

03/30/13 - 04/06/13

Defective Units - Sequences [brq 090]
A timelessly designed house built on a deep foundation, alight with acidubbed decor.

Disasteradio - Electric Blanket
CONGRADULATION! You have conquer of games universe! Enter you initial _ _ _.

Erissoma - No Return, No Hope [SC-DA008]
A wash of sullen drones encroaches upon slowly fading memories.

Nebulo - Redkosh [P36-073/¥811]
Morphing from aqueous ambientech into crunchy industrialectro, never losing its luminescence.

Paperworks - Terror.exe [PMLP021]
An IDMenagerie of glitch-cut grooves, sci-fi synthespheres and brain-changing beats.
paperworks "terror.exe"

USK - Chopper / Jungle Juice [udon-011]
Base bombing bit bounce ballistics.
usk "chopper / jungle juice"

Not new / New to me:

Saturday, April 6, 2013

03/23/13 - 03/30/13

Bija - Arboreal EP [PLSTUK007]
Flourishing biomes spring into existence with each futurebound step.
bija "arboreal ep"

Muzak bumping in an SUV on a slow ride through the uncanny valley.
contact lens "free throw banquet"

Devecly Bitte - Purple Line [SP15]
Emberous dub particles crackle and pulse, afloat above a warming fire.
devecly bitte "purple line"

Sea-splashed werkouts for reanimated ravers.
gold "zer0"

Luqman - Synthesizer Colossus
Funkosmic bliphop emitting a colorful assortment of skweeks and bleeps.
luqman "synthesizer colossus"

Ndru - Knospensprung [BC15]
Immersive minimal grooves with a heady shuffle.
ndru "knospensprung"

Nobi_4 - ◬ EP [STYLSS012]
Smiles and waves from the next level at all the other bass music trying to keep up.
nobi_4 "◬ ep"

Psychic LCD - Nexxware [F500-8]
Meditational visions of surfing holographic vapor trails into the new age.
psychic lcd "nexxware"

Not new / New to me:

Selections from the Free Floating Music label:

Selections from the Safe Sexx Music label:

Selections from the Sublimated Sounds label: