Saturday, February 16, 2013

02/02/13 - 02/09/13

The Bear and The Sea - Trees Like You [NF118D]
Cosmorganic glowstalgia hugged by a chilly warmth.

Horizontal Excursions - Symphonica Helvetica [ASIP024]
Audioptically sculpted invocations of etherealism.
horizontal excursions "symphonica helvetica"

 Luisterwaar - Party Sauce [LIQUIDGEOMETRY007]

Lazer glazed bass debauchery.
luisterwaar "party sauce"

Meow Meow - Kat Luva Luva [TIO015]
Ruffed-up raggamentalist rollers rife with rampant ravery.
meow meow "kat luva luva"

Strom Noir/Spheruleus - Morning [AGN069]
Folk-tinged drones for instant stress removal.
strom noir/spheruleus "morning"

Yaphet - Shc EP [SLXR021]
Strange biotechnoid signals pulsing within the murk of subaqueous trenches.
yaphet "shc ep"

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