Friday, February 8, 2013

01/26/13 - 02/02/13

Braille Funk - Braille Funk
An earousing blend of freshly skweezed tropicalien beatroots.
braille funk "braille funk"

Iminazole - Osaka and Manipulated Loops [CTR035]
Heliographic dubrays slowly melt away soft snow, revealing the verdant earth beneath.
iminazole "osaka and manipulated loops"

 Nobel - The Sound EP [CBR027]
A basscentrically unpigeonholable melding of styles past, present and future.
nobel "the sound ep"

the Picturesque Episodes - Singularity [PF033]
Spacebound post-rockets traveling through the ambisphere.
the picturesque episodes "singularity"

Pimilk - Glittery Upper World [bsc_030]
Magnified downtempo grooves become deep chasms abundant in microbionic techxtures.
pimilk "glittery upper world"

Topaz Gang - 6ちゃぬ [Suji Co. 002]

Cosmic broadcasts from a seafoam green alarm clock radio tossed into a candlelit bubblebath.
topaz gang "6ちゃぬ"

The Uncowl - SwellnoSwell [FRIDG009]
Infectious neo-tribal rhythms stripped to the bone and ready for the hunt.
the uncowl "swellnoswell"

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