Thursday, February 28, 2013

02/16/13 - 02/23/13

Ki Choquette - Landscape Suicide [CR-06]
Daydreams adrift in the saturation of a sun baked haze.

Minimal Boffin - Averment [CTR036]
An invigorating journey across oceans of dub-laden ice floes.

SCDDALTA - Sound n3t [STOP_023]
 Cybersexual bass gems dripping with a futurized gleam.

Swallows Fly Low - Only Now [OUT_51]
Sonic beauty previously unknown, flowing through a lush wilderness as do sparkling streams.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

02/09/13 - 02/16/13

This week has left me with very little time (none, actually) to sit down and flex the imagination in order to confuse you with some esoteric blurb about what [insert album/ep here] sounds like. The following post will be devoid of explanatory abstractions and contain only. . . [gasp] . . . ACTUAL GENRES*!!!!!!! as I bring the conciseness like its never been brought before.
*may not contain actual genres

Now adding "dodgy internet" to list of things this week taking away my precious posting time.

Moonbase Commander - Ekisaitobaiku [DSP 001]
Future bleepbass.
moonbase commander "ekisaitobaiku"

Subject Lost - Made of Numbers [EXTB044]
 Atmospheric post-rocktronica.
subject lost "made of numbers"

VA - Circuits Imprimés vol. 03 [P36-071]
IDM / Weirdbeat / Chillout / Glitch / ExperiMental
va "circuits imprimés vol. 03"

VA - La Boocle Ep.1 - Premier Tour
Futurebass / Beats / 2step / Wonk'n'Roll
 va "la boocle ep.1 - premier tour"

Nu Bass / Trap / Drowntempo / Footwork / Doom Bap
va "suicide pact : one"

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Selections from the Manifesto Music label:

Selections from the silenced label:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

02/02/13 - 02/09/13

The Bear and The Sea - Trees Like You [NF118D]
Cosmorganic glowstalgia hugged by a chilly warmth.

Horizontal Excursions - Symphonica Helvetica [ASIP024]
Audioptically sculpted invocations of etherealism.
horizontal excursions "symphonica helvetica"

 Luisterwaar - Party Sauce [LIQUIDGEOMETRY007]

Lazer glazed bass debauchery.
luisterwaar "party sauce"

Meow Meow - Kat Luva Luva [TIO015]
Ruffed-up raggamentalist rollers rife with rampant ravery.
meow meow "kat luva luva"

Strom Noir/Spheruleus - Morning [AGN069]
Folk-tinged drones for instant stress removal.
strom noir/spheruleus "morning"

Yaphet - Shc EP [SLXR021]
Strange biotechnoid signals pulsing within the murk of subaqueous trenches.
yaphet "shc ep"

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Friday, February 8, 2013

01/26/13 - 02/02/13

Braille Funk - Braille Funk
An earousing blend of freshly skweezed tropicalien beatroots.
braille funk "braille funk"

Iminazole - Osaka and Manipulated Loops [CTR035]
Heliographic dubrays slowly melt away soft snow, revealing the verdant earth beneath.
iminazole "osaka and manipulated loops"

 Nobel - The Sound EP [CBR027]
A basscentrically unpigeonholable melding of styles past, present and future.
nobel "the sound ep"

the Picturesque Episodes - Singularity [PF033]
Spacebound post-rockets traveling through the ambisphere.
the picturesque episodes "singularity"

Pimilk - Glittery Upper World [bsc_030]
Magnified downtempo grooves become deep chasms abundant in microbionic techxtures.
pimilk "glittery upper world"

Topaz Gang - 6ちゃぬ [Suji Co. 002]

Cosmic broadcasts from a seafoam green alarm clock radio tossed into a candlelit bubblebath.
topaz gang "6ちゃぬ"

The Uncowl - SwellnoSwell [FRIDG009]
Infectious neo-tribal rhythms stripped to the bone and ready for the hunt.
the uncowl "swellnoswell"

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