Wednesday, January 9, 2013

12/29/12 - 01/05/13

Blutspan - The Answer Is Floating Between Dead Stars
A sublime leap into a decaying cityscape from heights unimaginable.

Lothus - Reconstruktions [AR_027]
The conjunctive writhing of metallic flesh and torn wires from post-vivisectional cyborgs.

VA - Basic Force Interactions [FRC VA 02]
Depth-dwelling skeletechnic constructions of minimal yet strong form.

VA - Circuits Imprimés vol. 02 [P36-070]
Everything from chillsteppin' bubbledub sessions to brain (gl)itching ADHDIDM experiments.
va "circuits imprimés vol. 02"

VA - Iugeri Sonus II [ACREFREE2]
Mutations found in the catacombs beneath a rocky foundation of brokenbeat and electrobreaks.
va "iugeri sonus ii"

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