Tuesday, January 1, 2013

12/22/12 - 12/29/12

AbJo - Anagoge [S024]
Mind-igniting empyrealizations coated in a lustrous cosmic fuzz.

cestladore - W A V E S [STYLSS007]
Falling backwards into a pleasantly disorienting dream via sedative-laced beats.

DFRNT - High Friends In Places EP [CUT015]
Traditional dub stylings pulse with a smooth, modern minimalism.

Izzat Man - Deep Immersion [stasis016]
The bubbling groove of chilled progressive spacetech embraced by bright and snowy ambience.

 Kantelian - Wrong Half [Chase 053]
A storm of percussive spasticism raging in the center of your skull.

Obey City - ↓ Down & Up ↑
Juked-up futurebass + oldskool acid house = YES PLZ!1!!!11!

[PHYSICS] - New Feeling / Fatal Emotion
~~~☼♥☼ ◦ l i g h t w a v e s ◦ f r o m ◦ t h e ◦ v a p o r p l a n e ◦ ☼♥☼~~~

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