Tuesday, January 29, 2013

01/19/13 - 01/26/13

arkhaios - radial [cism_9]
Elevated from icey oceans to snowy slopes by way of cloudubbed contrails.
arkhaios "radial"

Audiosynthes - Afterhours Sessions 09 [RSAS09]
A seriously rare case of nu slowmantic discocosmosis.
audiosynthes "afterhours sessions 09"

File under: soul cleansing psychedelic tape rinse other
grgdrza "ii"

Heart Tricks/Med Lin - Reassuring XIV [REA014]
Kaleidoscopic bleeps and beats to soothe your nerves, fuel your imagination and up your HP.
heart tricks/med lin "reassuring xiv"

lefolk - isn't this dangerous? [RB116]
Delicate waves of cellular life pulse and flow; producing whispered hypnotic rhythms.

Somatic Responses - Puny God [PE008]
CAUTION! May cause: concussion, acidic corrosion, mechanical separation, demonic possession.

Warmly welcomes you to the future while telling you to STFU about what you thought you knew.

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