Thursday, January 24, 2013

01/12/13 - 01/19/13

Alessio Ballerini - To Its Beginning To Its End [Lav55]
A journey through elysian valleys to ascend the monumental peaks which surround them.

dagshenma - Beat cells [Hz-011]
Errorhythmically stitched constituents consisting of itchy glitches.

Downstate - The Drip Taper EP [Urban Waves Records LP#05]
Slowed-up zombie thugs and braindancing aliens gather to pour up a hallucinogenic witch's brew.
downstate "the drip taper ep"

Hujiko Pro - Maniac Boot Love [udon-009]
Unleash your inner rave hooligan with these donked, jacked and slammed techno jumpers.
hujiko pro "maniac boot love"

Karaoke Tundra - Netvor
Giant lazer-packin' wonkbots stumble and skitter through the streets, drunkenly twisting shit up.
karaoke tundra "netvor"

Monokid - Motorama EP [AE061]
Get your scuba gear... fuck it, get in this submarine; we're going deeeep.

 VA - Give the gift of music - The immaculate collection [sm012]
A schizoid juxtapositioning of locked in, spaced out, bent up and cooled down grooves.
va "give the gift of music - the immaculate collection"

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