Tuesday, January 29, 2013

01/19/13 - 01/26/13

arkhaios - radial [cism_9]
Elevated from icey oceans to snowy slopes by way of cloudubbed contrails.
arkhaios "radial"

Audiosynthes - Afterhours Sessions 09 [RSAS09]
A seriously rare case of nu slowmantic discocosmosis.
audiosynthes "afterhours sessions 09"

File under: soul cleansing psychedelic tape rinse other
grgdrza "ii"

Heart Tricks/Med Lin - Reassuring XIV [REA014]
Kaleidoscopic bleeps and beats to soothe your nerves, fuel your imagination and up your HP.
heart tricks/med lin "reassuring xiv"

lefolk - isn't this dangerous? [RB116]
Delicate waves of cellular life pulse and flow; producing whispered hypnotic rhythms.

Somatic Responses - Puny God [PE008]
CAUTION! May cause: concussion, acidic corrosion, mechanical separation, demonic possession.

Warmly welcomes you to the future while telling you to STFU about what you thought you knew.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

01/12/13 - 01/19/13

Alessio Ballerini - To Its Beginning To Its End [Lav55]
A journey through elysian valleys to ascend the monumental peaks which surround them.

dagshenma - Beat cells [Hz-011]
Errorhythmically stitched constituents consisting of itchy glitches.

Downstate - The Drip Taper EP [Urban Waves Records LP#05]
Slowed-up zombie thugs and braindancing aliens gather to pour up a hallucinogenic witch's brew.
downstate "the drip taper ep"

Hujiko Pro - Maniac Boot Love [udon-009]
Unleash your inner rave hooligan with these donked, jacked and slammed techno jumpers.
hujiko pro "maniac boot love"

Karaoke Tundra - Netvor
Giant lazer-packin' wonkbots stumble and skitter through the streets, drunkenly twisting shit up.
karaoke tundra "netvor"

Monokid - Motorama EP [AE061]
Get your scuba gear... fuck it, get in this submarine; we're going deeeep.

 VA - Give the gift of music - The immaculate collection [sm012]
A schizoid juxtapositioning of locked in, spaced out, bent up and cooled down grooves.
va "give the gift of music - the immaculate collection"

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Selections from the Singularity Recordings label:

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

12/29/12 - 01/05/13

Blutspan - The Answer Is Floating Between Dead Stars
A sublime leap into a decaying cityscape from heights unimaginable.

Lothus - Reconstruktions [AR_027]
The conjunctive writhing of metallic flesh and torn wires from post-vivisectional cyborgs.

VA - Basic Force Interactions [FRC VA 02]
Depth-dwelling skeletechnic constructions of minimal yet strong form.

VA - Circuits Imprimés vol. 02 [P36-070]
Everything from chillsteppin' bubbledub sessions to brain (gl)itching ADHDIDM experiments.
va "circuits imprimés vol. 02"

VA - Iugeri Sonus II [ACREFREE2]
Mutations found in the catacombs beneath a rocky foundation of brokenbeat and electrobreaks.
va "iugeri sonus ii"

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

12/22/12 - 12/29/12

AbJo - Anagoge [S024]
Mind-igniting empyrealizations coated in a lustrous cosmic fuzz.

cestladore - W A V E S [STYLSS007]
Falling backwards into a pleasantly disorienting dream via sedative-laced beats.

DFRNT - High Friends In Places EP [CUT015]
Traditional dub stylings pulse with a smooth, modern minimalism.

Izzat Man - Deep Immersion [stasis016]
The bubbling groove of chilled progressive spacetech embraced by bright and snowy ambience.

 Kantelian - Wrong Half [Chase 053]
A storm of percussive spasticism raging in the center of your skull.

Obey City - ↓ Down & Up ↑
Juked-up futurebass + oldskool acid house = YES PLZ!1!!!11!

[PHYSICS] - New Feeling / Fatal Emotion
~~~☼♥☼ ◦ l i g h t w a v e s ◦ f r o m ◦ t h e ◦ v a p o r p l a n e ◦ ☼♥☼~~~

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