Monday, December 24, 2012

12/15/12 - 12/22/12

Nyetscape - Nyetscape
 A roll-slowin' trip through the compuverse via syrup injected virtual reality helmets.

Dadive - Immaterial Substance EP [SLXR020]
Pulses and pings bubble up from the murky depths, met by sparse shards of light from above.

Earthquake Island/Med Lin - Reassuring XII [REA012]
A soulful meshing of sun-warmed melodies and creatively implemented beat techniques.

Fcode - CPLG Line#13 [deepx210]
Attention-demanding dance grooves with a well balanced ratio of smart to sexy.

An ice-cold dose of tropicosmic skweeelectro.

Les Neiges Noires De Laponie - Thunder Ohm [NTT071]
Trying in vain to escape this demonic horde's grasp, you ultimately succumb to its terrifying power.

Phsiris - Digital Dream [ENIG019]
A softly glowing core of neo psychedelia armored with hard edged IDM fragments.

Polyklinik - Syntropy [BR049]
Circuit-fried funk for malfunctioning holo-lounges, plus other distortion addled staggerments.

Shatter Hands - Land Fly EP - The Remixes [Urban Waves Records EP#12]
The upbeat swing and sway of vividly hued rhythms caught in the smooth buzz of basswaves.

Ꮴelours ℛose - Ꮴelours ℛose
Oneironautic §low jams adorned with gothic filigree.
Ꮴelours ℛose "Ꮴelours ℛose"

Grappa Frisbee double feature:

Pedro LaDroga - While U Work; I Make Music [GFR060/PMLP016]
A genre-spliced amalgamation of chunky street vibes, sparkling atmospheres and broken gadgetry.
pedro ladroga "while u work; i make music" (@ grappa frisbee)
pedro ladroga "while u work; i make music" (@ pir▲.md)
(sneaking in a shoutout to PIR▲.MD Records for also hosting this album)

James Business - Moons [GFR061]
Warped sound snippets from dusty discs dipped in crispy static bits.
james business "moons"

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