Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12/08/12 - 12/15/12

Asedub - Triste Bailarina EP [DZ-017]
Diving to the pinnacle of an iceberg's azure substructure.

Digital Thought - Tester
±±±☺1995 DΞSKTѲP DΔZΞ!!! GΞT IN2 THΞ GRѲѲVΞ!!!☺±±±

eM - aMorf EP [deepx209]
Polyhedral funkblocks bouncing about a web of superluminous fiberoptics.

Iameb 57 - Ganks [xpl012]
Pixielike beings dance along with the rhythmic dynamism of clanking machinery.
iameb 57 "ganks"

Ingemar Stalholm - Eo Ipso Remixes [Doma 13.2]
Chilled shots of bubbly minimalism fizzing with a sweet blend of clicks and beeps.
ingemar stalholm "eo ipso remixes"

Of The Trees - Threshold [GR014]
Evocation of UV deities through streetwise cybermysticism.
of the trees "threshold"

PLEE! - Heart Flux [GFR059]
A playful group of chromatophoric shapeshifters perform sense-swapping tricks.
plee! "heart flux"

Summer Of Haze - Gospel [ODT-052]
File under: SLϘCCVL† / WI†CHBL▲ZZZE 4(20) LIFE / †HVGW▲VE 2 †HE GR▲VE
summer of haze "gospel"

 Tetsuya Hikita+NIL - utakata++ [BK-K 035]
 Textural advancements in the fields of IDM, dubtech and folktronica.
tetsuya hikita + nil "utakata++"

VA - Outsourced Vol. 7 [OUT_47]
Exposure to this magic bag of beats may cause perked ears, nodding head and jogged memory.

VA - Tukio Compilation Vol.1
A fascinating display of future-tuned experiments rendering hybrids previously unimagined.

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