Monday, December 10, 2012

12/01/12 - 12/08/12

(((О))) - How To Look Beautiful [ODT-051]
Deathwave requiems oozing with angelic ecstasy while weighted by grievous hooks.
(((О))) "how to look beautiful"

Fischerle - Delayed Childhood [bsc_028]
Calm, chilly winds sweeping across a misty shoreline at sunrise.
fischerle "delayed childhood"

Magic Nanna - Psychic Highkick [GFR058]
That moment when the [insert mental additive of choice here] starts taking effect.
magic nanna "psychic highkick"

Oriole - Pļavnieku Laika Mašīna
Rough-hewn gems of vertiginous wonkery.
oriole "pļavnieku laika mašīna"

Shwex & Mumukshu - Elements Of Antiquity [ENIG016]
Neuroterrestrial tentacularities.
shwex & mumukshu "elements of antiquity"

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