Thursday, November 22, 2012

11/10/12 - 11/17/12

$PL▲$H ¢LUB 7 - SysWOW64
Trial version CD-ROMs orbiting a monolithic yin-yang covered surfboard.

2muchachos - forest is not what it seems
Observing winter's cold touch while wrapped in layers of warmth.
2muchachos "forest is not what it seems"

Alexandre Navarro - Cycles [Lav54]
Vast textural expanses illuminated by sustained flickers.
alexandre navarro"cycles"

Bleep Bloop & Subp Yao - Bleep Bloop & Subp Yao Split EP [STYLSS005]
Ghettological basscapades; trapped, worked and flipped by sonic hoodlums worldwide.
bleep bloop & subp yao "bleep bloop & subp yao split ep"

Dowdy - Afterhours Sessions 08 [RSAS08]
Neon lit futurefunk constructed of inescapably frisky wiggles.
dowdy "afterhours sessions 08"

Hermético - Isaku [inoQuo062]
Starbound techgrooves designed for human movement.
hermético "isaku"

HGLDT - Reflections on the Void [FRIDG008]
An enticing and exciting display of powerful hypnotic rhythms.
hgldt "reflections on the void"

Kwartz - Spiral Of Silence EP [CICUTA014]
Industrialized electracid forged via demon machinery.
kwartz "spiral of silence ep"

Reuben G - Speed Boat EP [OMN76]
A boisterous barrage of bashmentalist bouncement.
reuben g "speed boat ep"

Structural Form - New Roads [Zimmer095]
The churn and chug of mechanized giants as they race across the landscape.
structural form "new roads"

Zander One - Echoate [BC12]
Radiant colors swirling in the arctic night sky.
zander one "echoate"

A brain-tickling assortment of sweet, sticky and stretchy soundbites.
va "i'm contagious!"

Not new / New to me:

Selections from the EverythingIsChemical label:

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