Monday, November 5, 2012

10/27/12 - 11/03/12

Cube Face - Fair Use
From the dark mists of a cave emerge sounds unexplored; to be bathed in solar warmth.

Dons of Derp - Dons of Derp [LIQUIDGEOMETRY004]
Skittering claps and taps send bounce inducing vibrations through laser-ringed bass bubbles.

Jay Phonic - Space Pictures [blpsq028]
A voyage deep into the outer realms of melodicentric minimal progtech.

Kiev - Heatwavezzz [CBR025]
File under: twerkwork / dropical / juko cuco
 kiev "heatwavezzz"

raagthma - Inner Landscapes [echm-012]
 A skeletal alien wasteland echoing with the ghostly clamor of beings and machines past.
raagthma "inner landscapes"

Woulg - Tussed [OUT_043]
Rhythmically tripping over glitches while running carefree through a dream.
woulg "tussed"

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