Wednesday, October 10, 2012

09/29/12 - 10/06/12

Actraiser - Phantomile EP [CUT014]
Tribalized dubstep sent into orbit comes crashing back to Earth covered in space dust.

Bite - Diffuse [bsc_026]
Warm thumps from the hearts of crystalline beings as they trek across a vast arctic landscape.
bite "diffuse"

Digi G'Alessio - Disco Zambra Remixes vol. 2: Afternoon [phoke86]
Tropical getaway in an arcade on an active fault line.
digi g'alessio "disco zambra remixes vol. 2: afternoon"

Dreams - Lost Kingdom [ASTR018]
Classy retrofuturism gleaming with an acid soaked iridescence.
dreams "lost kingdom"

fazerock - ar:e [ALTM-026]
Fantastical excursions into optimysticultism.
fazerock "ar:e"

G Jones - Mirage [STRTEP016]
Blunt smoke blown into the vicinity of platinum subwoofers, revealing an elaborate laser array.
g jones "mirage"

Hecrom - Sirius [Zimmer094]
Astronomically inclined cyberituals.
hecrom "sirius"

Mindbuffer - PanFM: Chapter 3 [ENIG013]
Infectiously flowing liquid metal rhythms flecked with vivid shards of melody.
mindbuffer "panfm: chapter 3"

Qybrid - Q2 EP [ML039]
Ultra-minimal transmissions from the galactic edge.
qybrid "q2 ep"

R33SoundMakin' - U.F.O
Mutated meditations via busted beats.
r33soundmakin' "u.f.o"

Rec_Overflow - Unemployed [cl-044]
An otherworldly hybrid of classic IDM textures and sleek, future-driven techniques.
rec_overflow "unemployed"

Tsone - Pattern Recognition [at056]
Worries fade as soothing tones touch gently down upon the mind.
tsone "pattern recognition"

撲殺少女工房 × MARU303 - 暴動特区FUCKOKA EP [VL4-065]
Hyper headbangery for pixelated punks.
撲殺少女工房 × maru303 "暴動特区fuckoka ep"

Audio Gourmet double feature:

Small Things On Sundays - Maybe Light EP [AGN065]
Akin to a calm, icey wind.
small things on sundays "maybe light"

Senna - Scenery In His Mind [AGN066]
Blissful ascension towards the solar center.
senna "scenery in his mind"

Ritmo Sportivo double feature:

VA - Team Olympique [RS0017]
 A plentiful assortment of stylishly chilled audio sculptures.
va "team olympique"

813 - Afterhours Sessions 07 [RSAS07]

For lounging in luxurious space stations.
813 "afterhours sessions 07"

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