Monday, October 1, 2012

09/22/12 - 09/29/12

Atwell Baker - meddis
Loose-limbed lethargic loopery.

Blakbody vs C Mantle - In the Mouth of the Sindrome [ACRED09]
Transmorphous blobs of alien genetic material writhing within a mangled exoskeleton.

Digi G'Alessio - Disco Zambra Remixes vol. 1: Morning [phoke86]
Bumbling skweee freakquencies meet rough cut slabs of belligerent funk via cosmic collision.

Lingvisto - Flight on Goloka [Urban Waves Records EP#08]
The perfect combination of beats, rhythm and melody to create an oneiric vivacity yet unheard.

Onichomp - 86ES [SLNT043]
Equal parts warmth and desolation.

Strukturator - Dubbassylon Remixes [Doma 13.1]
Technautical minimalism with jazzy undertones.

 Textural Being - Stories [CTR030]
Vividly melodic wisps drift as reflected moonlight upon a deep sea of bubbling beats.

File under: ravewave / crow-fi / ñēŵƅȑēēȡ ɣɨƅēʐ
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