Wednesday, September 19, 2012

09/08/12 - 09/15/12

VA - The Electro Compendium
Tru-skool bleeps, blips and bass bumps forged in a top secret lab beneath the Mars ghetto.
This is an extremely dedicated listen. But what's ten hours in the whole of spacetime anyway?

Marc Atmost - Farewell Note [stasis013]

Robus Amp - Enemy Killed [echm-009]
 Luminous downtempo IDM in classic form.

Beatslaughter - Serenity EP [phoke85]
Strange machines piloted by cyberquatic beings, traversing a vast sea of angelic melodies.

Omniverse3000 - Leisure Time
Chilled the fuck out.

Muc J - inrftcl squnc
A well timed meeting of cosmically tinged groove particles create a sonic gem beaming with life.

Leonardo Rosado - A Long White Sleep [Lav53]
The symbiotic dichotomy of winter's harsh grip and summer's welcoming warmth.

VA - One Year Ago EP [CICUTA012]
Dark minimal techno corroding in puddles of industrial grade acid.

 You'll never want to leave this weird and ever-moving world built of loop based psychedelia.

Not new / New to me:

Selections from the Otherman Records label:

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