Thursday, September 27, 2012

09/15/12 - 09/22/12

Alhek - The Middle Of Nowhere [SLXR018]
A cyborganic superspecies equipped with soul-clutching hooks and biometric rhythm engines.

C_C - Retro Action [BR046]
Distortion powered polymorphicism.

clonki - seize the smoke rmxs [RTH004]
Stardusted clusters of melody melting atop warm, playful beats.

Fifty Grand - Exceptional
Spine chilling trap dirges to bump in abandoned mansions.

Heat warped laser disc fantasy jams.

Krzho - Control Alt Delete [inoQuo 061]
Robust dance vibes abound in this incomparable document of unabashed funktitude.

Nangdo - Bootyleg EP [S018]
A smooth yet potent blend of sexcentric bass shapes and neon-lined futurhythms.

the Picturesque Episodes - Young Galaxy [PF032]
Never has an album encapsulated the ecstatic wonderment of the unknown to such a degree.

VWLS - Broadcast In The Moss
Psychotropically induced dreamstates.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

09/08/12 - 09/15/12

VA - The Electro Compendium
Tru-skool bleeps, blips and bass bumps forged in a top secret lab beneath the Mars ghetto.
This is an extremely dedicated listen. But what's ten hours in the whole of spacetime anyway?

Marc Atmost - Farewell Note [stasis013]

Robus Amp - Enemy Killed [echm-009]
 Luminous downtempo IDM in classic form.

Beatslaughter - Serenity EP [phoke85]
Strange machines piloted by cyberquatic beings, traversing a vast sea of angelic melodies.

Omniverse3000 - Leisure Time
Chilled the fuck out.

Muc J - inrftcl squnc
A well timed meeting of cosmically tinged groove particles create a sonic gem beaming with life.

Leonardo Rosado - A Long White Sleep [Lav53]
The symbiotic dichotomy of winter's harsh grip and summer's welcoming warmth.

VA - One Year Ago EP [CICUTA012]
Dark minimal techno corroding in puddles of industrial grade acid.

 You'll never want to leave this weird and ever-moving world built of loop based psychedelia.

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Selections from the Otherman Records label:

Monday, September 17, 2012

09/01/12 - 09/08/12

Aurastore - Deciphering The Stars [stasis012]
Sentient ascension sessions.
aurastore "deciphering the stars"

 Pleq & Hakobune - Sleepless [AGN063]
Observations of the night sky from a grassy hill.
pleq & hakobune "sleepless"

Overcast Sound - Into Daylight [OSD-5]
Sky-high house grooves meld with lustrous dubtones and dissolve into a cosmic ambience.
overcast sound "into daylight"

Koloah - Moments [S017]
The sweetness of your favorite fruit in the form of bassed out slow jams.
koloah "moments"

◦ D R E ▲ M ◦ 4 ◦ E ▼ E R ◦
i am water feat. moon mirror "brand new u"

Colossius - CAS L.A./ISOL8 [FY!V001]
Intoxicated quadrupedal footwork.
colossius "cas l.a./isol8"

Chord - Year As A Ghost [bsc_025]
Lush melodies paired with deep minimal beats; making for some sexy, smokey lounge vibes.
chord "year as a ghost"

Blank Banshee - BLANK BANSHEE 0
 $░$▒$▓ ƜƯ┼ Ư ǸǾ ȜǾƯ┼ ɌΞΞḺ ṨΞẤ ┼ɌẤ₱??? ▓$▒$░$
blank banshee "blank banshee 0" (@ blank banshee)
blank banshee "blank banshee 0" (@ post religion)

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Selections from the Pocket Fields label:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

08/25/12 - 09/01/12

illocanblo - Timedat [wave011]
Polytechnical spelunking in prismatic caverns.

That Sky & Noise Beats - Void [EZH - 009]
Sultry grooves wrap like silk rope around the gleaming metal stems of clunky mech-hop beats.

T'chimu - famine.0
Lost in unfamiliar territory, you find solace in a sudden massing of strange and playful sounds.

Trotyl - Machines [SDamage0021]
Acid-fried IDM with a side of darkstep, served ice cold on a razor sharp tray.

Darwin Raymond - Beyond The Shore, The Sea [RB111]
Cloudy memories evoked by way of distant drones.

Mt. Tjhris - Temple Movement [AR033]
Shamanistic psych jams for handheld tape recorders. (Beach, hammock and joint sold separately)

Moist Ghost - Big Game Hunter [ASTR017]
Beautifully abstract and inventive. You'll be stuck on this one for an eternity or two.

 Mr.Dee - Zoo Remix Session [lsd25007]
Microbiotic techfunk; deconstructed and recompiled by fellow clickologists.

VA - Slow Living Vol. 1 [DDR004]
Fresh experiments in dubtech and beyond, presented by a talented crew of new recruits.

Isz - Spheres [at055]
An abandoned communications array slowly coming back to life on its own accord.

Ghosts in the Clocktower - I: Enroute [AR_021]
Biomechanoid hymns echoing in the stark atmosphere of a world gone digital.

Stiver - Shine [SP14]
The shuffling thump of sleek 2step rhythms shrouded in a heavy gloom.

Not new / New to me:

Selections from the Feedback Loop label:

Landcrash - The Silhouette That The Leaves Make Against The Sky [FbL009]
Savaran - Resonances [FbL014]
Benjamin Dauer - Saturation Event [FbL015]
SIGHUP - City Passage [FbL016]
Neil Wiernik - Broken Strings, Plastic Tubes and Bedside Serenades [FbL018]
Le Berger - ...On Silence [FbL019]
Specta Ciera - Underpass [FbL020]
Witxes - Winter Light Burns [FbL023]
Darwin Raymond - Night [FbL024]