Wednesday, August 29, 2012

08/18/12 - 08/25/12

Sebastian Pena - Abstract Subject EP [SLXR016]
Deep sounds from the dark side? Dark sounds from the deep end? You decide.

Rufio - For Lights [DTR-L 006]
Audaciously towering far above the mass of standard boom-bap fare.

Rap Class - Greatest Hits [GEM012]
On the subject of the "other shit" that this is on; Could I get a little?

Cosmic melodies laser-etched into fluorescent bass cubes.

KerenDun - Subconscious Leak
A dense forest of organic percussion where woozy synths snake through thickets of rhythm.
An incredible debut from a bright new mind in music.

VA - Summerscape Compilation [BK-K 031]
Sonic pleasantries beyond compare.

Time for a new feature! At the end of each of these new release posts will now be added a list of stuff that's "not new / new to me".

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