Wednesday, August 29, 2012

08/18/12 - 08/25/12

Sebastian Pena - Abstract Subject EP [SLXR016]
Deep sounds from the dark side? Dark sounds from the deep end? You decide.

Rufio - For Lights [DTR-L 006]
Audaciously towering far above the mass of standard boom-bap fare.

Rap Class - Greatest Hits [GEM012]
On the subject of the "other shit" that this is on; Could I get a little?

Cosmic melodies laser-etched into fluorescent bass cubes.

KerenDun - Subconscious Leak
A dense forest of organic percussion where woozy synths snake through thickets of rhythm.
An incredible debut from a bright new mind in music.

VA - Summerscape Compilation [BK-K 031]
Sonic pleasantries beyond compare.

Time for a new feature! At the end of each of these new release posts will now be added a list of stuff that's "not new / new to me".

Saturday, August 25, 2012

some music you may have missed while i wasn't blogging

During my hiatus, I was still hunting for and collecting music on the regular; leaving me with a glutton's share of amazing sounds that were not being passed along to anyone but my housemates and a few other friends. Since they are not the whole internet; I've decided to let you all in on a massive, multi-genre feast three months in the making.

(Due to the amount of releases; links are alphabetized and consist only of artist/title/cat#.)

(((О))) - Hecatomb [ODT-043]
18 Carat Affair - 90210
5Y5 - 5Y5 [BR040]
5Y5 - QS/VS5
Accel - Form EP [VR009]
AceMo - A Dream's Depth
Agonidaeline - Loving Foolishness with a Degree of Hope [enrmp302]
aleph & clonki - Ambidextre
Alexander Chereshnev - Rural Parks [kahvi#324]
All These Fingers - Lounge Physique
Amtek & E-Freak - Fraction EP [MFF009]
Antipodo - Antipodo [epa081]
Atum - Lost Days [nichts02]
Bipolardepth - Morston EP [ML036]
Black Polygons - Landscape EP
Bleupulp - Love Stab EP [miniatura061]
Blue Stork - Coldest/Alpha
Boeboe - Act Stupid / Drop [udon-006]
Bombé - Spells [FRIDG007]
BOX #25 - Kuta
Brickman - Last Summer [deepx187]
Chris Hanna - Flash EP [FS014]
clonki - seize the smoke EP [RTH003]
Color Plus - Cerulean Dream
Cream Child - School Skulls [RS0016]
curv. - cotton
Cybertone - Cybertone [BC9]
D.Tek - Sunrise EP [deepx179]
Dali Vision - Three Songs For Spring
Data Rebel - Dreams for an abstrakt mind [kahvi#323]
Deep Play & Sv Hutor - céleste [7.1.6_027]
Digi G'Alessio - The Purple Book [AOU009]
Dmitry Markson - Technology EP [deepx186]
Drömnu - Deep in Forests [NNZD005]
Duilio Pasquale - A Different Me [unfound67]
Duskky - Wokka Wokka
Enclave - Geysers [psnet019]
Eric Jackson - The Distant [SLNT039]
Eric Schall - Direction [bsc_024]
Ev3nmorn - Solar Waves [ODT-044]
Every - PP\OMO [OZR0014]
Fifty Grand - Fifty Grand
Forma - Aerotikon (Earotikon remixed) [GNL019]
Fractured Transmission - A Willing Suspension of Disbelief [sig009]
Headshotboyz - Heartbaked
How Green - Jungle Junk / Bag O Trinkets [NP012]
Identical Testicle - Galaxy Cross
Imaabs - Pastiche Encapuchao
Indian Wells - Night Drops [BPR02]
Inom - Run From You [enrmp301]
Joachim De Lux - Le Rondo Des Sirènes [NP014]
Junichi Akagawa - I, All Things [Hz-009]
Junichi Akagawa / Yaporigami - Nil Bit Berg Horn [Hz-010]
Jury Sway - My Voice EP [deepx189]
KDG - KDG [BR043]
Kelpe - I Felt Fuzzy Remixes [FRET006]
KlitoriX - Flore Vaginale [SRmp3 243]
Kondra Kasma - Topham
Kshhhk - Kshhhk [xpl010]
Lights Dim - Deep Summer [AGN060]
Lokodepo - Die Mikrofabrik [Zimmer091]
M u m p - Holes
Marley Carroll - R&S / Cedars
Melodiesinfonie - In Your Mood [GNL020]
Memories Of The Surface - Nostalgic Soundscapes About Growing Up And Dying [foot201]
MindBuffer - PanFM: Chapter 1 [ENIG010]
Minimal Boffin - Granular Motions EP [DDR003]
Modepth - Strength In Numbness EP
Monade - Pt#9 [xpl009]
Monoiz - Multiplied Phoneme [cl-043]
MOTHMAN - summoner
Mu Cephei - Sidera et Sonos [CTR028]
N.Nenov & Tim Ballista - Inherent Split [NTT068]
Nikoretti - Bubble Gum EP [deepx182]
nipple tapes - iii
oddlogic - mote
Ohsaurus - Telephobia
Opal Block - Warm Up EP
Overcast Sound - Losing You (Remastered) [OSD-3]
Paskine - UNTTLD [AR_020]
Paul Gutschmidt - Prepynion [unfound68]
Plaster - Soyuz EP [cl-042]
Radoslaw Kurzeja - Lake or Sad War [tube256]
Ralp - 0812 [BSL_048]
Raszia - Tannhäuser Gate [Zimmer087]
Re:ill - Debris EP
Rejoicer + Dubz + Luqman - Yelloweed
Ryanosaurus - Mekanic Botanic
Rykard - Shelter Cove [ded034x1]
Saito Koji - Again [RB108]
Saito Koji - Sleepy [RB109]
Samedi Sound System - Duke Side A [DTR-E 016]
Snap-9A - Pannicularia [AE057]
Space Ghost - You're There [ASTR015]
Space Holiday Rocks - RAW
Symmetry - Empty Reflections [SLXR012]
Teig - Chord Collection One [tun#008]
Textural Being - En Ce Moment [stasis011]
Textural Being - Paix [bsc_022]
Tleilaxu - Undivided EP [SLXR015]
Tomas Jirku - Moves Like Benes [bsc_023]
Trollhead - On The Loose [BR044]
Tuomas Rantanen - Quadrant EP [Zimmer090]
Valance Drakes - Fallen Innocence [BK-K 028]
Vapor Maché - @ Home In The Desert [NP013]
Vejopatis - Taskas [CTR026]
VNDL - triptyque [123] [exe004]
Voodoo Dred - Racine [DTR-L 004]
Vytis - Mind Voyage [CTR027]
x.y.r. - robinson crusoe (lost soundtrack)
Zeuge - Bedlamite
VA - 5Y [SEM 015]
VA - 7 by 7
VA - A Taste Of Things To Come [DDR001]
VA - Crumpet Stumps
VA - Dicom EP [CICUTA010]
VA - Dream Hunter [AR003]
VA - Gift [udon-005]
VA - Ilion EP [CICUTA011]
VA - Illustrate Your Sound [c-c-rec_050]
VA - Iugeri Sonus [ACREDFREE]
VA - LV Beats
VA - Shunt EP [CICUTA009]
VA - Uprising [DTDIG004]
VA - Veneris [codub001]

Thursday, August 23, 2012

08/11/12 - 08/18/12

chrisAre - lovedust [CRTAPE004]
Loungey headnod beats immersed in a smooth static haze.

Set Controls - Warm Front Monuments [BSL_049]
Transmissions from a serenely primitive future.

T'chimu - Afterhours Sessions 06 [RSAS06]
File under: oddio / garbled warbles / !?!?! / harmonic cacophony

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Your hard drives and media players (as well as a dedicated few owners of said devices) have been howling incessantly for the past three months; slowly becoming nothing more than casing and circuits. I can no longer ignore their hunger stricken cries for even just a quick chomp on an audioliciously encoded vittle. So without further TL;DRness, here's the return installment of the This Music Is Free rundown rush:

heRobust - Rob & Hood
Iced out eels slithering in candy paint puddles.

MindBuffer - PanFM: Chapter 2 [ENIG011]
No words or combination thereof exist yet that can accurately describe this alien masterwork.
Need a little more intrigue?: Remixes by Valance Drakes, Woulg, Broken Chip, and Borealis.

Mr.Dee - White Shark [deepx190]
A sleek and streamlined beast from the dark depths of the technocean.
Tagged, monitored and studied by a hefty crew of subaqueous funkoligists.

Relative Q - Removal EP [blpsq025]
Multifaceted minimal movements for maximum mental metabolism.

N-qia - Audio Illustrations [BK-K 030]
Spark-like flickers of playfully cut rhythms dancing atop fragile layers woven of voice and melody.

a i r s p o r t s - a i r s p o r t s [AMDD107]

I'll try to keep the updates flowing as they used to, possibly in this newly adopted "rundown rush" (don't worry, i won't keep calling it that) format. This should allow for equal parts blogging and other stuff. Check back soon for another fresh catch of the netscene's finest.