Tuesday, May 15, 2012

taking a break etc.

Its been a solid five months delving into the collective musical consciousness of planet internet. Thanks for all the traffic via reciprocal linking and recommendations. I'll still be maintaining the links section and responding to any comments/questions as usual, just not writing for a bit. Since i can't just let this newest batch of music go to waste, i present to you the first ever This Music Is Free rundown rush:

UnoRace - The Album [Zimmer086]
 The ultimate fix for techno junkies.

Mr.Dee - Säure [Nanoloopsis 007]
Prickly minimal bubbles.

Frietboer - Skeefhop EP [SM004]
Skweeezy listening.

See ya later, and don't forget about that hefty links section over there -------------------------------------->

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