Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Subp Yao double feature: 1000 Remixes [STRTEP012] + Smoke Up, Drink Up [STRTLP05]

Having produced one the freshest and most interesting releases of last year (and for some time to come, i'm sure) with "1000"; Subp Yao once again claims his spot at the top, giving us a shiny/dirty new full length album as well as letting a team of trained bass professionals use select bits from "1000" to their liking. First off, these remixes are some fine pieces of reconstructivism by hard hitters from the SATURATE! crew and beyond; including Raadsel, Dj Pound, LZRKMMNDR, Manni Dee, Luisterwaar, Frietboer and more, each adding to Subp Yao's unique style their signature techy brutalism and/or low-end sexyness (Manni Dee absolutely kills it!, just to let you know). Now, on to the main event (not to dismiss the aforementioned awesomeness of course). "Smoke Up, Drink Up", as its title suggests, is an album of hedonistic indulgence with the goal of intoxication. Nowhere else will you find such a quality blend of grimey gangstajuke, booty-shakin' ghettotech, luminous future grooves and other bass-based concoctions that'll work yr feet to the bone and melt yr brain into a woozy mush.

If you don't want to read all of that info up there, just read this: Subp Yao has set a new standard in bassism and you need to hear this shit.

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