Saturday, May 5, 2012

Specta Ciera - The Tropical Air [AGN057]

Over the past few years, Specta Ciera has become one of my favorite ambient artists, with each of his past releases having a different story to tell. "The Tropical Air" possesses an overall feeling of haziness as if just waking; the body's senses slowly restarting and taking in the surrounding environment. The softly echoing bits of life in the opening "Who Woke The Birds" shine with a pastoral pleasantry, after which layers of soothing tones encompass the listener in "Memories and Sleepy Thoughts" followed by the new-age inspired "Low Pressure". To find more dreamy sounds like these, look for his work on the labels Earth Mantra, Luxus-Arctica, Circlesandlines, Distance, Energostatic, and Secret Station.

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