Tuesday, May 15, 2012

taking a break etc.

Its been a solid five months delving into the collective musical consciousness of planet internet. Thanks for all the traffic via reciprocal linking and recommendations. I'll still be maintaining the links section and responding to any comments/questions as usual, just not writing for a bit. Since i can't just let this newest batch of music go to waste, i present to you the first ever This Music Is Free rundown rush:

UnoRace - The Album [Zimmer086]
 The ultimate fix for techno junkies.

Mr.Dee - Säure [Nanoloopsis 007]
Prickly minimal bubbles.

Frietboer - Skeefhop EP [SM004]
Skweeezy listening.

See ya later, and don't forget about that hefty links section over there -------------------------------------->

Friday, May 11, 2012

offthesky - changeyourprocess [bsc_021]

"changeyourprocess" is a stunning example of offthesky's ability to create such textural intricacies as to completely lose oneself in. The material within is comprised of two beautifully detailed longplaying pieces; "lossless" and "RGBwaster", with the first sounding of an ascension or evolution of sorts, while the latter seems to represent a blissful, buoyant existence.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

chushi - delphi vision

File under: l'oops / anti-music / soothing sounds for final bosses of the internet / drugs. Nothing gets you manically repeating the phrase "it'll all be over soon" like this warbled tangle of tape can, and of course it was childishly thrown at us by none other than possibly the weirdest person doing whatever it is that this is; chushi.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Subp Yao double feature: 1000 Remixes [STRTEP012] + Smoke Up, Drink Up [STRTLP05]

Having produced one the freshest and most interesting releases of last year (and for some time to come, i'm sure) with "1000"; Subp Yao once again claims his spot at the top, giving us a shiny/dirty new full length album as well as letting a team of trained bass professionals use select bits from "1000" to their liking. First off, these remixes are some fine pieces of reconstructivism by hard hitters from the SATURATE! crew and beyond; including Raadsel, Dj Pound, LZRKMMNDR, Manni Dee, Luisterwaar, Frietboer and more, each adding to Subp Yao's unique style their signature techy brutalism and/or low-end sexyness (Manni Dee absolutely kills it!, just to let you know). Now, on to the main event (not to dismiss the aforementioned awesomeness of course). "Smoke Up, Drink Up", as its title suggests, is an album of hedonistic indulgence with the goal of intoxication. Nowhere else will you find such a quality blend of grimey gangstajuke, booty-shakin' ghettotech, luminous future grooves and other bass-based concoctions that'll work yr feet to the bone and melt yr brain into a woozy mush.

If you don't want to read all of that info up there, just read this: Subp Yao has set a new standard in bassism and you need to hear this shit.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hazcauch - Fitzhugh [NTT066]

A strikingly beautiful creature of utter brutality; Hazcauch's "Fitzhugh" erupts with razor-sharp chunks of chaotically sculpted noise from a core swirling with an intensely luminous ambience.

Pazes - Limbo EP

The "Limbo" EP finds Pazes conjuring up swarms of mystical melodies and drowning them in the pleasant, disorienting flutter of slowly bobbing beats stricken with generation loss. Fellow sonic spellcaster Biblo makes an appearance as well; adding a sweet angelic murmur to this illustrious grouping of sounds from beyond.

VA - Retroactive Vol. 2 [RZR005]

The sedated shuffle of fragile chords drift high above expanses of ice-cold textures as they crack beneath the weight of chugging bass bumps. This is the environment portrayed on Retrospective Zoology's latest installment in their high quality/low frequency "Retroactive" series; aimed at the more ambient side of dubtech, this time around featuring Mint, Sub.Made, Timequake, F.l.o., Octex, plus other likeminded creators of chilled-out sounds from the deep end.

Thallus - To Gain Volatility [RS0015]

Best described as gritty futurejazz for spaced-out forest dwellers, Thallus' "To Gain Volatility" has itself a most undeniable allure; laying down an assortment of deep and dusty grooves into an ultra-laidback rhythmic structure comprised of clunky downtempo beats, yielding layers of organically tinged thuds and snaps that fill its smokey yet vibrant atmosphere.

Landcrash - Sunrise/Dark [rc051]

Suspended from infinitely stretching glass strings, bulbs of sustained saturation hover a hairsbreadth above an icy ground. It is within this tiny space from which the richly textured sounds of "Sunrise/Dark" are derived.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Specta Ciera - The Tropical Air [AGN057]

Over the past few years, Specta Ciera has become one of my favorite ambient artists, with each of his past releases having a different story to tell. "The Tropical Air" possesses an overall feeling of haziness as if just waking; the body's senses slowly restarting and taking in the surrounding environment. The softly echoing bits of life in the opening "Who Woke The Birds" shine with a pastoral pleasantry, after which layers of soothing tones encompass the listener in "Memories and Sleepy Thoughts" followed by the new-age inspired "Low Pressure". To find more dreamy sounds like these, look for his work on the labels Earth Mantra, Luxus-Arctica, Circlesandlines, Distance, Energostatic, and Secret Station.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

VA - escala 2.3 [escala 2:3]

Split into three volumes (Ice/Water/Snow), the expansive "escala 2.3" compilation showcases the brightest minds in ambient, drone, soundscape, modern composition, field recording, and basically any other styles rendering specifically structured masses of air molecules that calm the nerves and stimulate the imagination. The roster is absolutely incredible, hosting fresh talent as well as notable artists the likes of Pascal Savy, Hiroki Sasajima, Sustainer, Kenneth Kirschner, Hakobune, Shaula, Saffron Slumber, Jannick Schou, Offthesky, Radere, Segue, Nigul, and the list goes on and on. This isn't merely some background ambience, so set aside a few hours of your day (or night for that matter) to become immersed in the many moods of this flawless collection.

Juicy Bits - Honey Dolphins [DRMF07]

There's tech-house and there's tech-trance. Then there's whatever Juicy Bits is doing with the space in between said genres; combining funked out bumps of bouncy minimalism with thick, rolling basslines and vibrant beams of progressive synthwork. The unique style found throughout "Honey Dolphins" is sure to get heavy rotation in both the club and festival scenes; and may even have strict househeads and psychedelic elitists sharing the dancefloor.

VA - Outsourced Vol. 6 [OUT_36]

The lustrous thump of space-focused futurhythms meet the crackling grit of hoptempo headnod grooves in what has got to be the sexiest assortment of sonic hybridry yet from the chillest of illists over at the Outlier label. These brain-hugging beats, buzzes and bloops are brought to us by heRobust, DAILON, Malefique, Stikz, Brock Berrigan, Somepling, DAEDRA, Kwala, Spaceghost, Stavrogin, oddlogic (of course), plus a few handfuls (or should i say, earfuls) more. In other words; Lights down. Volume up. Nuff said.