Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The STYLSS label selects some heavy hitters from its ranks, as well as from a few likeminded collectives (including trendsetters SATURATE! and Dropping Gems) for a massive compilation of 30+ tracks exploring the sounds within and beyond the realms of beats, bass and futurism. If that's not enough to get you startin' all the downloadin', maybe this Top Ten list will do the trick:

[reults appear in tracklist order and do not reflect specific greatness level]

¡El Cucuy! "WerkDat" (easy listening for strippers)
Bleep Bloop "Bernie's Block" (computer thuggin')
Subp Yao "Part" (hardcore lazer swag)
Nick Logistik "R3d 3y3z" (snappy juke)
Dead Fe†us "Felon" (witchy bizness)
Mike T. "" (fuzz blap)
Elusive "youtheone" (dislocated funk)
WD4D "Slumpty Dumpty" (woozy bleephop)
Raadsel "Cat Terratorium" (iced-over 2step)
Photon! "NIKKO" (dream leanin')

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