Monday, April 16, 2012

Mitoma - Interstellar:Remixes [S27-095]

After a little over a year in orbit, Mitoma's "Interstellar Debris" gets sifted through, sorted and categorized by only the most trusted names in astrosonicology; with the findings ranging everywhere from intense neural rearrangement sessions to blissed out moments of cosmic wonderment.

Original + additional data supplied by:
Mitoma Industries (immersive mental ethics)

Additional data supplied by:
THKAD (quantum IDM anomolies)
Umhelm (electron breaking)
Nick R 61 (overclocked hop)
Christoph Schindling (sounds from the petri dish)
SoftClip (upbeat mode activator)
Rory St. John (crunch re-alignment)
Randomform (automatic beat sharpening)
Jimmy Penguin (clunk logistics/ambience mapper)
Dissolved (wayback machine)

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