Saturday, April 28, 2012

Brickman - The Dark [CTR025]

Having a slew of EPs and compilation appearances on the labels Qunabu, Deepindub, LSD25, Load and Clear, Deep-X, Retrospective Zoology and Sound Source; Brickman now joins the Cold Tear family, with his first ever full length album. "The Dark" contains not only the robust dub techno stylings by which the Brickman sound is best identified, but also beatless moments of absolute beauty in "Please Let Go" and "Living In The Dark", plus a bit of upbeat experimentalism in "Through The Gap". As if this album wasn't perfect enough, a few tracks get remixed by Alexander Saykov (exposing "Backward" to a bit of light), Giriu Dvasios (taking "Spirit" to the deep woods) and Fingers in The Noise (accentuating the chilled shuffle of "Sublime").

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