Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Gasman - Clubfoot [CF062]

The Gasman takes up footworking as a new hobby and things get real weird real fast. In short: IDM infused rave-jazz for skipping CDs. In shorter: The braindance of generation juke.

Brickman - The Dark [CTR025]

Having a slew of EPs and compilation appearances on the labels Qunabu, Deepindub, LSD25, Load and Clear, Deep-X, Retrospective Zoology and Sound Source; Brickman now joins the Cold Tear family, with his first ever full length album. "The Dark" contains not only the robust dub techno stylings by which the Brickman sound is best identified, but also beatless moments of absolute beauty in "Please Let Go" and "Living In The Dark", plus a bit of upbeat experimentalism in "Through The Gap". As if this album wasn't perfect enough, a few tracks get remixed by Alexander Saykov (exposing "Backward" to a bit of light), Giriu Dvasios (taking "Spirit" to the deep woods) and Fingers in The Noise (accentuating the chilled shuffle of "Sublime").

Friday, April 27, 2012

VA - Dagobot Reloaded

The Dagobot label marks a solid year of existence with a celebratory compilation reeking of weed smoke and sweet, sugary cake. This birthday get-together includes Kondra Kasma, Nice-Icles, jjaccobb, DAILON, Euro Trash, Kwala, and We Never Make Mistakes; who give us the sounds of sexy future grooves veiled in a hazy psychedelia, with plenty of organic beats and saturated synthwork to keep blazed heads buzzing. So get to downloading, and light one up (a birthday candle, of course) for Dagobot!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Katsuhiro Chiba - PERC.EP [Hz-008]

From the musical mind of Katsuhiro Chiba comes a place where sparkling bubbles of microsounds cover the beep spectrum from blip to bloop; their sweet pings bouncing along in time with the stickly skitterings of plump bass bugs, while luminescent pixies etch melodic flight trails into the aether.

jmdkm - Mila [SLNT037]

jmdkm's "Mila" is an extremely rewarding listen to say the least. A melange of strums, ticks, clangs and other sonic treats swim about the many layers of its ghostly, ambient mesh; creating a welcoming atmosphere of dreamlike surreality ideal for taking a meditative break from your everyday surroundings.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alphaxone - Azimuth [OTR078]

Alphaxone creates some of the most interesting and alien soundscapes out there, with previous material appearing on the dark ambient/experimental labels Otium, Kalpamantra, Petcord and the now mummified Amduscias Records. "Azimuth", as with past releases, makes one think: "What desolate recesses of the uncharted universe are these sounds coming from?"

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pasquale Maassen - Trix and Stuff [Zimmer085]

Five raw slabs of chunky tribal techno slathered in a thick, historic distortion as only a beat ruffian the likes of Pasquale Maassen could serve up.

Friday, April 20, 2012

VA - Whore 2 Tha Core Mixtape

Step aside, everything else; you are nothing in comparison to the awesomely awful yet brutally blissful "Whore 2 Tha Core" mixtape. Over seventy tracks/artists deep, this son of a fuck contains sixty six minutes and six seconds of pure netlabel + creative commons material in the styles of breakcore (Kodek, Dev/Null, weyheyhey !!...), skwee/beats (KenLo Craqnuques, Zo aka La Chauve-Souris, みみみ...), IDM (XZICD, Nanocannon, Nick R 61...), grind (dj Skull Vomit, Noizy Az Fuck, Infekkted...) glitch hop (LoBounce, Dj Pound, Thriftworks...), dancecore (Annoying Ringtone, McMangos, goreshit...), chiptune (Knife City, Una niña malvada, Naive Machine...), witch house (DEERDUS†, (((О))), Summer of Haze...), hardcore (Infernal Hospital, Yarkouy, MO...) plus a barrage of WTFs and LOLs aplenty.

So basically the story behind this mix (plus why i would write about a mix) is that Roil Vulture of The Whore Church, my basement dwelling housemate/bass mangler Encanti and i had the brilliant/ridiculous idea to put together a collection of freely available tracks from my overwhelming stockpile of internet-mined audio, as well as having a fully linked tracklist to the albums and EPs which each track was taken from; as a companion to an eyeburning brainmelt of some of the absurdest/NSFWest video content ever, as seen on "The Whore Church Vol. 01" DVD (more info in link below).

Mixing by Encanti.
Track selection by Encanti and so_so_gutteR (thats me, duh).
Graphics by Roil Vulture
Linking by Roil Vulture and so_so_gutteR.
Hosting by The Whore Church.
Listening by you (DOWNLOAD IT YA SLIMEY SCUMBAGS!!!!!!!!)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Piltdown Sound - Doppler [blpsq021]

"Doppler" is a heavily detailed techsploration into the deep end of minimally inclined dance beats, with enough microsounds and atmospheric changes to keep yr brain cells buzzing while yr body is moving. Additional mental imagery and bounce tactics provided by Senor Frio, Alex Falk, Relative Q, Will Azada, Centrikal, Revy and Sys-Hex.

Drugstore - Gaia EP [CICUTA008]

Not only does the "Gaia EP" stand as an excellent (albeit brief) example of the inventiveness and versatility of the Drugstore sound; but each track has an accompanying remix to add even more variety to the sonic atmosphere. Starting this trip into mechanical madness are the jacking industrial rhythms of "Gaia"; which get the hard techno treatment from Oliver Kucera, followed by the dark acid stylings of "Kundalini" and David Meiser's dizzying rush of a remix, after which stomping cyberfunk grooves play out in "Circon" and get transformed into a minimalist hypnotism session by CBTØ.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mitoma - Interstellar:Remixes [S27-095]

After a little over a year in orbit, Mitoma's "Interstellar Debris" gets sifted through, sorted and categorized by only the most trusted names in astrosonicology; with the findings ranging everywhere from intense neural rearrangement sessions to blissed out moments of cosmic wonderment.

Original + additional data supplied by:
Mitoma Industries (immersive mental ethics)

Additional data supplied by:
THKAD (quantum IDM anomolies)
Umhelm (electron breaking)
Nick R 61 (overclocked hop)
Christoph Schindling (sounds from the petri dish)
SoftClip (upbeat mode activator)
Rory St. John (crunch re-alignment)
Randomform (automatic beat sharpening)
Jimmy Penguin (clunk logistics/ambience mapper)
Dissolved (wayback machine)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer of Haze - ∞ Sativia ∞ [ODT-040]

Sedate yourself with an eyelid-heavying dose of dreamwave as prescribed by the good doctor Summer of Haze. WARNING: May cause pleasant memories, overall chillness, swaying. Summer of Haze: ∞ Sativia ∞ is a subsidiary of ODDOT pharmasonics.

Overcast Sound - Commute [bsc_020]

Designed for time spent in transit, "Commute" hosts two longplaying, stress-removing pieces of hearty dubtech that sway at an easy pace. From the bright, chilled shuffle of "Westbound" through the smokey drifting of "Eastbound"; Overcast Sound gives us quite the medicinal listen.

kuxxan SUUM and Doctor Jeep - single series Session One [END007]

Two end fence greats battle it out in the remix arena, throwing bass-packed punches and kicking out the jams in the process. Doctor Jeep takes the upbeat lounge sound of "3G_Yahmoh" (from kuxxan SUUM's "Language/Barrier EP") and gives it a "Rave Workout"; adding heavy thumps and raucous breaks, plus a little bit of wobble for good measure. In turn, kuxxan SUUM transforms the rolling booty bounce of Doctor Jeep's "Level ii" (from the "Aztec EP") into an apocalyptic tribal frenzy swarming with distorted percussion.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Having previously mentioned his various compilation appearances as well as releases from his label Outlier, it brings me great pleasure to finally hook readers up with a proper oddlogic album. "SYSTEMS/THE ABYSS" combines the gritty distortion and techy rhythms of industrial, the crunched beats and swirling melodies of IDM, and the boisterous swing and jagged synths of glitch-hop; creating a sonic biosphere of immaculate complexity.

PS: Are you fucking kidding me with "Bruiser"?! Track's got that metal swag like its nobody's business!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hors - Dazer/Tired

Given the varied nature of the SoundEscape label's catalog, its nearly impossible to guess what sounds one will be met with upon arrival of a new addition. Hors' "Dazer/Tired" is quite the treat; with "Dazer" possessing a gentle dirge-like ambience upon which organic and minimal beat structures are built, while the hypnotic thump and snap of "Tired" move at a molasses-paced swing among psychedelically soaked waves of futurized synthwork; making for some highly evolved ideas in the realm of chillout.

Juan Zolbaran - Spells and Shadows [unfound65]

Step 1: Take what you thought you knew about [deep/minimal] house.
Step 2: Discard said knowledge.
Step 3: Replace with Juan Zolbaran's "Spells and Shadows".

Thursday, April 5, 2012

mon0 - Monolog [SP13]

Drawing from both the chilled dubtech of "Sensaura" (Silent Season) and the vast ambient soundscapes of his various releases for Test Tube, mon0 brings us his deepest excursions into sound yet. "Monolog" glistens with a sunlit frost, much like that of a frozen lake topped with a dusting of snow; below which, dense chunks of chugging bass bubble upward from the darkened depths.

Honoré Feraille - Au Sud, [AGN056]

"Au Sud," sets an impending scene by way of bowed strings creeping through fragile layers of barely audible textures, with the accompanying "Le Repos des Cructacés" playing host to whispered microcosms of activity blanketed in a calming resonance.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

KARZ - Modern Age

File under: luxurious hold music / end credits to a softcore flick / beachcore. The (not so) latest sounds to pop into your convertible's hi-fi stereo cassette tape playing system as you cruise to the mall. Welcome listener, to the "Modern Age".

Nonima - Jinx [MIT-003]

Not only is Nonima the boss of the highly experimental Section 27 label, but also the boss of the true-skool IDM sound of yore; with "Jinx" (a companion album to his previous "Morphism") verifying this claim once again, writhing and pulsing its way through tangles of metallic vines as luminous clusters of ambient melodies sparkle in the distance. Also included are remixes of select pieces from "Morphism" by Mitoma (Nonima + theAudiologist), Johnny Jitters, Noumen and the ever-enigmatic Dissolved.

Shatter Hands - 404 Sessions [OUT_35]

With its crackling lo-fi groove and warbly boombapness, Shatter Hands' "404 Sessions" provides the ideal atmosphere for a mind-rightening smoke break.


The STYLSS label selects some heavy hitters from its ranks, as well as from a few likeminded collectives (including trendsetters SATURATE! and Dropping Gems) for a massive compilation of 30+ tracks exploring the sounds within and beyond the realms of beats, bass and futurism. If that's not enough to get you startin' all the downloadin', maybe this Top Ten list will do the trick:

[reults appear in tracklist order and do not reflect specific greatness level]

¡El Cucuy! "WerkDat" (easy listening for strippers)
Bleep Bloop "Bernie's Block" (computer thuggin')
Subp Yao "Part" (hardcore lazer swag)
Nick Logistik "R3d 3y3z" (snappy juke)
Dead Fe†us "Felon" (witchy bizness)
Mike T. "" (fuzz blap)
Elusive "youtheone" (dislocated funk)
WD4D "Slumpty Dumpty" (woozy bleephop)
Raadsel "Cat Terratorium" (iced-over 2step)
Photon! "NIKKO" (dream leanin')