Monday, March 12, 2012

Paul Jones - Broken Arrow EP [ASTR012]

Last heard remixing Howse's "porch" (from the unclassifiable "trakz EP"), Paul Jones gets at us with his "Broken Arrow EP". Starting of this blend of the strange and the superb is "Bad Haircut"; a skwee jam gone horribly awryght, followed by "Supermax" with its future-glazed easy listening vibe complete with a rippin' space guitar section. The mood of the title track can simply be described as skwuke, after which pitched vocal bits bob up and down in the waves of "Y"'s minimal 2step beats. Fellow Astro Nautico crewmen Obey City and Kuhn decide to get in on the sonic shenanigannery; turning "Bad Haircut" into a tropical paradise and accidentally the whole juke and jungle at the same time in "Broken Arrow".

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