Saturday, March 17, 2012

Label Spotlight: Sabacan

Like a group of SNES-playing red pandas on a sugar high, the Sabacan sound bounces with a cute, colorful and crazed energy. This should come as no surprise seeing as how the artists involved also call the eccentrically trendsetting Maltine label home, which in turn calls Japan its home. So there you have it; now on to the details.

Silvanian Families "First Priority / Mugip'11"

Continuing with the unimitable moe sound heard on the previous "Scam Cat" and "Afterwars United", Silvanian Families fuses the bounce and snap of upbeat house with sugarcoated melodies and finely chopped vocal snippets that'll leave yr sound system dusted in cotton candy residue.

Hujiko Pro "Baravos EP"

Hujiko Pro not only treats us to some epic boss battling jump-up jungle in "Dragon Fruits", but also to a legendary piece of videogame composition overlayed with tweaky acid breaks in "Kuro No Saihate". If you're down with amens and RPGs, this one is most undeniably for you.

 Guchon "Fa-Fa / Chronicle"

Guchon takes his cut-up style to dizzying new levels, creating such subgenres as jukawaii and ravework; with the piano laden CD-skip rhythm of "Fa-Fa" and "Chronicle"'s sinister stabs and ankle-spraining beat structures.

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