Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

biblo - Projection

Combining the dubby shuffle of carefully designed ticks and thumps with expansive atmospheres constructed of haunting vocal fragments and the rich, dusty crackle of sounds past; "Projection" glows with an unmatched beauty steeped in dreamlike surrealism.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Limited toss - NINJA RAVE [DCRPS031]

Limited toss puts the "NRG" in "GuRN" with a relentless onslaught of ultra-stabby ragga jungle rave-up smashers on the spazzcore tip. Also, id just like to point out that THIS IS SOME FUCKIN OLDSKOOL MURDAH BIZNESS!!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hecrom - Apofis [Zimmer084]

From moments of introspective serenity ("Rea", "Deimos") to bouts of panic and paranoia ("Andromeda", "Sedna"); Hecrom's "Apofis" is host to shimmering waves of ambience from deep-space which pierce the dense clouds hanging over stark industrial landscapes; battling the omnipresent metallic sounds of both idling and rushing machinery. 

notuv - oO0o8o [BK-K027]

A painstakingly prepared audio bento containing a variety of hearty sounds seasoned with a sleek and progressive modernism. Whether your preferred tastes lie in the sweet layers of ear-tickling clicks, wispy vocal bits and vividly glowing melodies or the spicy crunch of thumps, clunks and other assorted glitchery picked fresh from the IDM patch; you will find more than your fair share of music to eat. So please share.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

VA - Axon EP [CICUTA007]

Another solid collection of industrially-tinged, technoriented darkness from the Cicuta label; the "Axon EP" bursts at the seams with killer tribal rhythms, minimalistic oldskool techniques and swirling spaced-out atmospheres from Mattias Fridell, George Lanham, Samot and Surit, as well as net-legends Kill Minimal and Drugstore; who respectively drop some psylectric bleepyness and stomping mechanical grooves.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Label Spotlight: Sabacan

Like a group of SNES-playing red pandas on a sugar high, the Sabacan sound bounces with a cute, colorful and crazed energy. This should come as no surprise seeing as how the artists involved also call the eccentrically trendsetting Maltine label home, which in turn calls Japan its home. So there you have it; now on to the details.

Silvanian Families "First Priority / Mugip'11"

Continuing with the unimitable moe sound heard on the previous "Scam Cat" and "Afterwars United", Silvanian Families fuses the bounce and snap of upbeat house with sugarcoated melodies and finely chopped vocal snippets that'll leave yr sound system dusted in cotton candy residue.

Hujiko Pro "Baravos EP"

Hujiko Pro not only treats us to some epic boss battling jump-up jungle in "Dragon Fruits", but also to a legendary piece of videogame composition overlayed with tweaky acid breaks in "Kuro No Saihate". If you're down with amens and RPGs, this one is most undeniably for you.

 Guchon "Fa-Fa / Chronicle"

Guchon takes his cut-up style to dizzying new levels, creating such subgenres as jukawaii and ravework; with the piano laden CD-skip rhythm of "Fa-Fa" and "Chronicle"'s sinister stabs and ankle-spraining beat structures.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Knife City - Knife City [8BP125]

Rarely will you see a chiptune release being reviewed on this site; the vast majority of the genre being of extremely generic quality and/or suffocated by vocals. Knife City however, transcends this epidemic and explodes onto the scene with an artillery of mega-charged pixelazers and console-wobbling bass bits with his self titled EP; sure to stand as a shining example for chip-based producers to come (and those who've been at it for a while.)

Rbe - Afterhours Sessions 03 [RSAS03]

Given the inventive stylings of his most recent "Immersion" (a collaboration with DeepPlay) and the classic "The Bear Tricks"; i knew this was going to be a hot batch of beat biscuits before i even pressed play. Then i pressed play... and here we are.

Paul Jones - Broken Arrow EP [ASTR012]

Last heard remixing Howse's "porch" (from the unclassifiable "trakz EP"), Paul Jones gets at us with his "Broken Arrow EP". Starting of this blend of the strange and the superb is "Bad Haircut"; a skwee jam gone horribly awryght, followed by "Supermax" with its future-glazed easy listening vibe complete with a rippin' space guitar section. The mood of the title track can simply be described as skwuke, after which pitched vocal bits bob up and down in the waves of "Y"'s minimal 2step beats. Fellow Astro Nautico crewmen Obey City and Kuhn decide to get in on the sonic shenanigannery; turning "Bad Haircut" into a tropical paradise and accidentally the whole juke and jungle at the same time in "Broken Arrow".

y0c1e - 無題の音楽 [BK-K 026]

The stickly glitches and techy percussion of IDM paired with the pastoral sounds of piano-based ambience and playful synthetic melodies alike.

Play Dead - Plastic Bags 4 Atmosphere

Play Dead's "Plastic Bags 4 Atmosphere" is a robust auditory toke that gets you mellow, gets you inspired and gets you a serious case of the giggles. The opening "Blu Blu" boasts a wonky swagger with its tipsy bleeps and chilled snare taps, followed by the psychedelic gospel swing of "Drumming" and "Low Run"'s dizzying chimes. The closing "Act Dead" plays as a game over dirge with downgazing synths and a sleepy drumkit; signaling the end of a weird and wonderful trip.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Radere - The Earth, Laid Bare [bsc_019]

"The Earth, Laid Bare" is a luminous daydream of stratospheric proportions; standing in stark contrast to the ominous roar and dissonance of Radere's previous "Lost At Sea, I'm Never Coming Back".

Nice Icles - Shiverburn

Nice Icle's "Shiverburn" blends vocal snippets, crystallized synth melodies, and a varied array of organic snaps, clicks and thumps; bringing about futurized ambient juke and cosmically tuned bliphop. Plus, collaborations with Dagobot homie Kwala to sweeten the deal to immeasurable levels.

Friday, March 9, 2012

VA - Sixty [inoQuo060]

The minimal-techxperts over at the inoQuo label have clicked, thumped and bounced their way to their 60th release and decided to celebrate by gathering up an elite team of seasoned vets (Hermético, Sr.Click, In Vitro, Numbtone, Revy) and promising newcomers (SG, Dadive, Benavid) for a flawless collection of high quality minimal techno and tech-house; with each artist providing their unique take on the essential sounds needed to make one dance.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Protoisdoper - The Lost Planets EP

If you would be so kind as to take a short break from life and explore the super sweet beat-laden environs of "The Lost Planets".

RFS - Wormholes EP [GEO003]

RFS' "Wormholes EP" sends you hurtling through clouds of cosmic dust, propelled by the spiraling pulses and hypnotic rhythms of an astronomically inclined minimal techno sound.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Luisterwaar - Illuminants [STRTEP011]

Ingredients: Bassil, Jukecumber, Futuherbs, Glytcherin (for skweetness).

Preparation: Mix exuberantly for maximum flavor.

Presentation: Serve smoked and/or chilled.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

XZICD - Everyone Else's Music Is Better Than This [cl-041]

You won't need yr brain for anything else once you've listened to this. Which is great because you wouldn't be able to use it anyway after exposing it to such high levels of XZICD. "Everyone Else's Music Is Better Than This" is for fans of IDM, ambient, and acid.... to have arguments over what this album is and isn't.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Giriu Dvasios - Visa [CTR022]

Giriu Dvasios' "Visa" combines traditional dub elements, slick minimal house techniques, dense atmospherics and an ultramodern array of sounds; creating varying environs of uncomparable organic clarity.

PS: Two tracks from this album; "Siela" and "Grynas", had previously appeared along with chilled, breaksy remixes by High Tech Soul and Sedentary Birds on "Ziema", a teaser EP that somehow managed to slip by me some weeks ago.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rodja - Immanence [mime06]

Rodja's "Immanence" lends its behavior to the natural cycle of night and day; a very fitting trait considering the parent label's mission is simply stated as "mimetism in dub". The title track blends thick layers of psychedelic haze with slowly pulsing dubthumps, giving it the feel of a smoked-out sunny day while "Nomadism" brings about a breezy, starlit atmosphere by way of a chilled uptempo swing; which gets playfully remixed by Menion, who strips the original down to its clicks and bounces while retaining a full bodied sound.