Saturday, February 25, 2012

VA - Good Music is Heart to Find [VSfree02]

For the last three or so years i've been pestering fellow Vermin Street collective founder Vinyl Blight to host a non commercial ep or album. It finally happened a few months ago and now this compilation is the second in what i hope will become an ongoing string of free releases; its a solid one too! Burnkane, Misk, Bleep Bloop, LoBounce, Smokey and Casper, +verb, and Richard Sweat all giving you genreburning styles like haunted 2step breaks, futurebased wonkhop, stompin skweecore and polygonal bump'n'grind. Shits even got dolphinbass up in it. Plus boss low-res art(?) by my alter-alter-ego HOTT GRAFFIX. What more could you possibly want? (besides the link to the goddamn album already.)

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