Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rasul Mono - Silhouettes [SLNT034]

"Silhouettes" plays out like a dream, immediately enveloping the listener in the shimmering, luminescent haze of the opener "Those Days" along with the feeling of walking a fragile tightrope of magnetic tape in "The Nest" to later end up ensconced in "Drive Me Home"'s psychedelic resonance. The sounds of birds chirping and unknown sources of glitchy static orbit the slowly swirling liquid core of "11 AM" after which, blankets of soft synths hover like observant spectres in "Kaloev". "Dogstar" transmits its lush waves of healing energy from countless light years away to welcome in "Mechanical Bride"'s eerie yet calming atmosphere interspersed with the distant presence of semi-organic whirs and clicks.

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