Wednesday, February 8, 2012

heRobust double feature: Late Night + Morning After [STRTLP003+004]

Get yr lean on in directions never before thought possible with this double-stacked dose of heavy future funk and holographic glitch glam from heRobust, providing plenty of zig-zagging bass jams to bump in yr hover-hoopty and/or smoke a cyber-doob to. "Late Night" starts off with a bang equivalent to the force of being quantumly up in infinite clubs with the hyped-out megaswag of "Facebook Lift" and "Coma Toast"'s boisterous, belching bass pools. "Atlantarctica" chills proper in a cosmic lounge, after which "Souled Out" and "Frontman Bandwidth" display their wonky bits in the classiest fashion. "In Da Lab" brings the album to a wobbly, sub-shuddering end; leaving one to wonder what this "Morning After" has in store. Its opener, "Crystalinstrumental" beams bright rays of melody through sparkling jazz overtones, bringing on the feeling of a late-waking weekend day. The following "Swagriculture" and "Abdominull" shine with an upbeat swing, emitting hypnotic head-nod waves from a glowing, bubbly center. "Cup Song" is a K-hole in an arcade (an arKade-hole if you will); slithering, bobbing and bleeping its way into the cooled out gummi-bounce of "Chaka Con Artist" and "Superfume"'s squiggling soulness, which brings this prime cut of audibly consumable production (as well as this lengthy article) to a close.

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